Ramcharit Charcha CDLXXXIII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

सखा बचन सुनि बिटप निहारी। उमगे भरत बिलोचन बारी।।
करत प्रनाम चले दोउ भाई। कहत प्रीति सारद सकुचाई।।
हरषहिं निरखि राम पद अंका। मानहुँ पारसु पायउ रंका।।
रज सिर धरि हियँ नयनन्हि लावहिं। रघुबर मिलन सरिस सुख पावहिं।।
देखि भरत गति अकथ अतीवा। प्रेम मगन मृग खग जड़ जीवा।।
सखहि सनेह बिबस मग भूला। कहि सुपंथ सुर बरषहिं फूला।।
निरखि सिद्ध साधक अनुरागे। सहज सनेहु सराहन लागे।।
होत न भूतल भाउ भरत को। अचर सचर चर अचर करत को।।
दो0-पेम अमिअ मंदरु बिरहु भरतु पयोधि गँभीर।
मथि प्रगटेउ सुर साधु हित कृपासिंधु रघुबीर।।238।।

We covered up to Doha 238 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post learned that when Nishad Guha told Bharat that place where Shri Ram had put up was now in sight, Bharat became emotional and noticing Shri Ram’s footprints there he became delighted and paid respects by picking dust from the footprints and placing it over his head, eyes and heart region. All living beings and vegetation felt effect of Bharat’s love for Lord Shri Ram. All ascetics that happened to be around announced up on seeing the extent of devotion towards beloved brother Shri Ram that it was Bharat who had demonstrated by influencing even the animated entities, static and moving, alike on the face of earth as the only one to do so. The nectar of love of Bharat was made available by Shri Ram Himself for the sake of all including gods and saints when Bharat’s heart ached for being separated from Shri Ram.

सखा समेत मनोहर जोटा। लखेउ न लखन सघन बन ओटा।।
भरत दीख प्रभु आश्रमु पावन। सकल सुमंगल सदनु सुहावन।।
करत प्रबेस मिटे दुख दावा। जनु जोगीं परमारथु पावा।।
देखे भरत लखन प्रभु आगे। पूँछे बचन कहत अनुरागे।।
सीस जटा कटि मुनि पट बाँधें। तून कसें कर सरु धनु काँधें।।
बेदी पर मुनि साधु समाजू। सीय सहित राजत रघुराजू।।
बलकल बसन जटिल तनु स्यामा। जनु मुनि बेष कीन्ह रति कामा।।
कर कमलनि धनु सायकु फेरत। जिय की जरनि हरत हँसि हेरत।।
दो0-लसत मंजु मुनि मंडली मध्य सीय रघुचंदु।
ग्यान सभाँ जनु तनु धरे भगति सच्चिदानंदु।।239।।

Lakshman, however, could not see the two charming brothers accompanied by the friend Nishad Guha due to dense growth of vegetation coming in to block the view. Bharat glanced at the pious ashram of the Lord, it was an abode that could ensure all welfare and was most attractive. Right after entering it the agonizing distress suffered by Bharat went away, Bharat felt a similar kind of relief as does a Yogi after he achieves the paramount objective of his spiritual practices. Bharat observed Lakshman standing in front of Shri Ram lovingly and pleasurably chatting with Him (one who can stand in front of Lord is surely of pure mind and therefore for Lord to chat with him is surely a pleasure).

Bharat saw Shri Ram with locks of hair tied over His head, around the waist He had a cloth that is used by Munis (i e died in saffron color) with which He tied the quiver and was holding an arrow in His hand while the bow slung on His shoulder. Around Vedica before Him Sadhus and Munis had assembled, with Bhagwati Sita seated beside Him, Raghuraj Shri Ram looked very stately and charming. His strong body attired in bark of trees, his matted hair and swarthy complexion gave him a look of a Muni; Sita and Ram looked like Rati and Kamdev but garbed like a Muni couple. When He handled the arrow and bow and threw a gentle smile towards any one, it was enough to remove the burning sensation in any one’s heart (the handling of bow and arrow signifying His resolve to kill demons and His smile assuring all peace and comfort in life of devotees).

Shri Ram,a Raghu, cool and charming like moon along with Sita seated in the midst of Munis looked like embodied Bhakti (as Sita) and embodied Supreme Lord of universe known to be the whole essence, whole knowledge and conscience and whole bliss (as Shri Ram) sitting surrounded by wisdom and learning in form of Munis and Sadhus.

We have now covered up to Doha 239 of Ayodhya Kand.

सानुज सखा समेत मगन मन। बिसरे हरष सोक सुख दुख गन।।
पाहि नाथ कहि पाहि गोसाई। भूतल परे लकुट की नाई।।
बचन सपेम लखन पहिचाने। करत प्रनामु भरत जियँ जाने।।
बंधु सनेह सरस एहि ओरा। उत साहिब सेवा बस जोरा।।
मिलि न जाइ नहिं गुदरत बनई। सुकबि लखन मन की गति भनई।।
रहे राखि सेवा पर भारू। चढ़ी चंग जनु खैंच खेलारू।।
कहत सप्रेम नाइ महि माथा। भरत प्रनाम करत रघुनाथा।।
उठे रामु सुनि पेम अधीरा। कहुँ पट कहुँ निषंग धनु तीरा।।
दो0-बरबस लिए उठाइ उर लाए कृपानिधान।
भरत राम की मिलनि लखि बिसरे सबहि अपान।।240।।

It was now moment of entry when Bharat with brother Shatrughan and friend Guha totally lost in thought of Shri Ram, forgetting all kinds of joys and worries, pleasures and pains fell at the feet of Lord like a shaft falling down on ground calling out asking for forgiveness and refuge (those who really look for shelter do not prepare themselves but just humbly surrender before the master without an explanation or painting a background, Bharat knew this very well and therefore fell straightly at feet of Lord). Lakshman recognized the one who had so lovingly addressed the Lord and determined in his heart without a chance to look at face that it was Bharat who was bowing down in such manner. Lakshman’s heart now was filled with affection for Bharat (which was so worked up against him a little while ago but had quietened down up on being advised and sermonized by Shri Ram) but on the other hand he was in service of the master hence could not take any liberty; Lakshman could neither meet Bharat nor neglect to meet hence was in such a mental state that only a Kavi (a philosopher and wise person) could understand. At this moment of indecision Lakshman kept his role as servant as paramount like a kite flier would only pull at strings tied to the kite while flying and do nothing else. Lakshman preferred to discharged his duty and politely informed Lord Shri Ram saying, “O Raghunath (master of Raghus), Bharat is doing Pranam to you”. Listening to what Lakshman just said, Shri Ram rose up overwhelmingly; cloth over His body, arrow in his hand, quiver tied to waist and the bow all falling here and there (the Lord can’t wait to welcome a Bhakta who has totally surrendered and seeks refuge).

Shri Ram, the mercyful one, raised up Bharat with some effort as Bharat was lying full length prostrating before Him with his face down in spirit of total surrender and brought him close to his heart; this manner of meeting between the Bhakta and the Lord made all the onlookers lose their sense of self and they got transcended in to the realm where union of Bhakta and Bhagwan, Jeev and Brahman, takes place (such union liberated individual soul and the Supreme Soul is a special moment, nothing else surpasses such moment of pleasure).

Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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