Ramcharit Charcha CDXC

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

पुर जन नारि मगन अति प्रीती। बासर जाहिं पलक सम बीती।।
सीय सासु प्रति बेष बनाई। सादर करइ सरिस सेवकाई।।
लखा न मरमु राम बिनु काहूँ। माया सब सिय माया माहूँ।।
सीयँ सासु सेवा बस कीन्हीं। तिन्ह लहि सुख सिख आसिष दीन्हीं।।
लखि सिय सहित सरल दोउ भाई। कुटिल रानि पछितानि अघाई।।
अवनि जमहि जाचति कैकेई। महि न बीचु बिधि मीचु न देई।।
लोकहुँ बेद बिदित कबि कहहीं। राम बिमुख थलु नरक न लहहीं।।
यहु संसउ सब के मन माहीं। राम गवनु बिधि अवध कि नाहीं।।
दो0-निसि न नीद नहिं भूख दिन भरतु बिकल सुचि सोच।
नीच कीच बिच मगन जस मीनहि सलिल सँकोच।।252।।

We covered up to Doha 252 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that the forest dwellers offered meals of fruits and roots to the people of Ayodhya accepting nothing in return from them and told them they should see their love for them which can never be bartered and that they were low born but since after they had glimpse of Shri Ram’s feet and His love for them they were now transformed. Sita also served her three mothers in law with total devotion equally in a manner that seemed unworldly. Sita could do it as she had divine status which Shri Ram knew but not others. For having such nice treatment from Sita and two brothers, Shri Ram and Lakshman, she felt very sorry for what she had done and wished for her life to be taken away. Those who go against Shri Ram, the Lord of Universe can hardly expect to find a place anywhere including hell. All the people however had an inkling that Shri Ram might not agree to go back to Ayodhya and therefore had lost their sleep and did not feel like having meals. Bharat whose thoughts are always pure also felt miserable on this account and though he enjoyed for the time being having company of Shri Ram yet he was skeptical of missing him eventually as Shri Ram always preferred righteous path above anything else.

कीन्ही मातु मिस काल कुचाली। ईति भीति जस पाकत साली।।
केहि बिधि होइ राम अभिषेकू। मोहि अवकलत उपाउ न एकू।।
अवसि फिरहिं गुर आयसु मानी। मुनि पुनि कहब राम रुचि जानी।।
मातु कहेहुँ बहुरहिं रघुराऊ। राम जननि हठ करबि कि काऊ।।
मोहि अनुचर कर केतिक बाता। तेहि महँ कुसमउ बाम बिधाता।।
जौं हठ करउँ त निपट कुकरमू। हरगिरि तें गुरु सेवक धरमू।।
एकउ जुगुति न मन ठहरानी। सोचत भरतहि रैनि बिहानी।।
प्रात नहाइ प्रभुहि सिर नाई। बैठत पठए रिषयँ बोलाई।।
दो0-गुर पद कमल प्रनामु करि बैठे आयसु पाइ।
बिप्र महाजन सचिव सब जुरे सभासद आइ।।253।।

Bharat’s stream of thoughts at this moment flowed fast and he thought that using his mother the predetermined course of events has played out its mischievous design, its like ripe crop getting destroyed by bugs and pests (i e when Shri Ram’s coronation had been fixed, right then mother acted in an unwanted manner; Bharat here could not reconcile that mother would have done it and thought it to be an influence brought upon her by gods governing fate of people). Next he tried to visualize some means to put Shri Ram on throne but could not conceive of any workable plan. He then hoped that Shri Ram would surely take the advice of Guru Vashishtth to return to Ayodhya but then concluded that being a Muni, a thoughtful person, he would only say something when he sees Shri Ram’s leaning in that direction (a realized Sadhu never wishes to contradict the will of God).

Bharat then thought to rely on mother Kaushalya’s advice which Shri Ram would not ignore but then knowing nature of Ram’s mother Kaushalya developed doubt about her insisting on Shri Ram returning (a great mother never makes her son deviate from the path of Dharma). Lastly he thought of himself making Shri Ram agree but did not find it good enough for he had committed to be a follower and dutiful servant to Shri Ram besides also thought that the providence was not favorable to him for the time being, in such circumstance any kind of insistence would be foolhardy and might be against his call of duty because the Dharma of a servant, a devotee is greater in weight i e impotance than the Hargiri (i e mount Kailash) and therefore makes it difficult to remain on right course in discharge of duty (Bharat feared that any emotional impulse on his part might put his Lord in a difficult situation to decide one way or the other),

Thus none of the possible means to resolve the matter appealed to him as perfect though Bharat spent whole night thinking about it till the day break. Bharat readied himself taking bath in the morning and bowed own before the Lord mentally. Before Bharat could settle after his morning routine he was summoned by Guru Vashishttha.

Reaching near the Guru, Bharat did Pranam at the feet of Guru and seated himself while the respected citizen of Ayodhya, the ministers and the members of the royal court also assembled there (to ponder over the main issue for which they had come to Chitrakoot before meeting with Lord Shri Ram).

We have now covered up to Doha 253 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shanakar ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallavho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj ko Pranam!
Goswami tulsidas ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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