Ramcharit Charcha DXIV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

जे महिसुर दसरथ पुर बासी। जे मिथिलापति नगर निवासी।।
हंस बंस गुर जनक पुरोधा। जिन्ह जग मगु परमारथु सोधा।।
लगे कहन उपदेस अनेका। सहित धरम नय बिरति बिबेका।।
कौसिक कहि कहि कथा पुरानीं। समुझाई सब सभा सुबानीं।।
तब रघुनाथ कोसिकहि कहेऊ। नाथ कालि जल बिनु सबु रहेऊ।।
मुनि कह उचित कहत रघुराई। गयउ बीति दिन पहर अढ़ाई।।
रिषि रुख लखि कह तेरहुतिराजू। इहाँ उचित नहिं असन अनाजू।।
कहा भूप भल सबहि सोहाना। पाइ रजायसु चले नहाना।।
दो0-तेहि अवसर फल फूल दल मूल अनेक प्रकार।
लइ आए बनचर बिपुल भरि भरि काँवरि भार।।278।।

We covered up to Doha 278 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas and learned that the great saints on the side of both , Ayodhya and Janakpur, who had full understanding relating to matters of the world and of the spiritual matters gave sermons to all the people who were sitting at Chitrakoot mourning death of King Dashrath. Muni Kaushik related many old stories and tried to placate the agitated minds of people. Lord Shri Ram then felt concerned about the people who had gone without food and water yesterday and brought Munis’s attention to it; Muni Kaushik responded by saying that what Ram had told was true and that it was already well past the noon time. King Janak put forward the view that it wasn’t right to expect grain based preparations at that place and in those circumstances. Shortly thereafter people went about having bath in Mandakini obtaining consent of the king and in the mean time the local forest dwellers brought loads of eatable raw vegetarian stuff on their own with being prompted by any one.

कामद मे गिरि राम प्रसादा। अवलोकत अपहरत बिषादा।।
सर सरिता बन भूमि बिभागा। जनु उमगत आनँद अनुरागा।।
बेलि बिटप सब सफल सफूला। बोलत खग मृग अलि अनुकूला।।
तेहि अवसर बन अधिक उछाहू। त्रिबिध समीर सुखद सब काहू।।
जाइ न बरनि मनोहरताई। जनु महि करति जनक पहुनाई।।
तब सब लोग नहाइ नहाई। राम जनक मुनि आयसु पाई।।
देखि देखि तरुबर अनुरागे। जहँ तहँ पुरजन उतरन लागे।।
दल फल मूल कंद बिधि नाना। पावन सुंदर सुधा समाना।।
दो0-सादर सब कहँ रामगुर पठए भरि भरि भार।
पूजि पितर सुर अतिथि गुर लगे करन फरहार।।279।।

By the grace of Shri Ram, the Lord of Universe, the Chitrakoot mountain became Kamad i e the provider of all that was wished and assumed a form which was capable of stealing all the sorrow just when looked at. The rivulets, the ponds, the forest land and all its other departments oozed bliss out of love and fondness. The creepers and the trees flowered richly and became laden with fruits. The bees, the birds and the animals made lovely and agreeable sounds. The whole forest region seemed very zealous to have found devotees of the Lord within its folds. The breeze having all three pleasing qualities flowed and comforted all the people. The attraction and charm of the place at this time was difficult to describe. It looked as if the entire expense had become ready for the welcome of King Janak (on behalf of Shri Ram who as his son-in-law desired it).

The people who had now taken bath came back and after seeking permission of Shri Ram, King Janak and Muni Vashishttha they settled themselves with calm and composure under different trees according to their preference. The pure stuff consisting of fruits, roots, pulp and stems etc which was tasty like nectar, was sent by Guru of Shri Ram, Muni Vashishttha with due care and attention and request to all to have them as pleased. The people also first made ritual offerings to the departed ancestors and to the gods and then also offered to the their guests and the elders present there and then began to have meal consisting of plant origin in its raw form.

We have now covered up to Doha 279 of Ayodhya Kand.

एहि बिधि बासर बीते चारी। रामु निरखि नर नारि सुखारी।।
दुहु समाज असि रुचि मन माहीं। बिनु सिय राम फिरब भल नाहीं।।
सीता राम संग बनबासू। कोटि अमरपुर सरिस सुपासू।।
परिहरि लखन रामु बैदेही। जेहि घरु भाव बाम बिधि तेही।।
दाहिन दइउ होइ जब सबही। राम समीप बसिअ बन तबही।।
मंदाकिनि मज्जनु तिहु काला। राम दरसु मुद मंगल माला।।
अटनु राम गिरि बन तापस थल। असनु अमिअ सम कंद मूल फल।।
सुख समेत संबत दुइ साता। पल सम होहिं न जनिअहिं जाता।।
दो0-एहि सुख जोग न लोग सब कहहिं कहाँ अस भागु।।
सहज सुभायँ समाज दुहु राम चरन अनुरागु।।280।।

In this way people spent the next few days; the surroundings reflected the beauty of the Lord and the Lord Himself was present before their eyes in person in the form of Shri Ram; men and women were ecstatic to watch the spectacle. The people on both sides also had this as an established view point in their hearts that returning without Sita and Shri Ram would not be desirable and also not conducive to their own well being, they had already seen that staying in jungle along with Sita and Shri Ram was more comforting and rewarding than stay in the city of gods even as they felt that their mere presence provided all that they needed by way of sustenance and also the joy that only their presence could provide (that the nature rose up to meet their needs in that remote place is what they had experienced first hand).

It became the people’s firm resolve that leaving Vaidehi Sita and Shri Ram behind, who ever preferred stay in homes back in Ayodhya and Janakpuri surely had invited ire of the Brahma, the creator. They thought that because when the fate happens to be on right side of some one, only then is it possible to stay near Lord Shri Ram in forest (where there is less of the world of contradictions and more of divinity all around).

“We are lucky that we bathe and cleanse our souls at three propitious times of the day and then have most enjoyable, benefiting and rewarding Darshan of Lord time after time; stay at the mount with Shri Ram and company of the saints and seekers in the forest lands while we have the meals of uncooked raw vegetarian stuff which is most conducive to spiritual upliftment. The period of exile of 14 years (which looks small if seen as sum of two parts of seven years each like day divided in to night time and day time and counting it in terms of days past passed and later as days remaining will not exceed the count of days in one term of seven years) will pass like seconds in the presence of the Lord.

“We people don’t deserve this kind of pleasure nor this kind of union with the Lord,” most people talked in this way and with such understanding the people on both sides developed a natural temperament that kept them engaged in profound affection for the feet of Shri Ram.

(When natural surroundings visited with mind settled in thought of the Supreme Lord and practice of living with nature with what it provides, prepares one to undertake Tapa for a long period of time which passes very quickly as atmosphere of peace ensures peace of the heart. It is for this reason that the Yogis go and settle in such places.)

We have now covered up to Doha 280 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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