Ramcharit Charcha DXXI

II Shree Guruvey Namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

सुनि मुनि बचन जनक अनुरागे। लखि गति ग्यानु बिरागु बिरागे।।
सिथिल सनेहँ गुनत मन माहीं। आए इहाँ कीन्ह भल नाही।।
रामहि रायँ कहेउ बन जाना। कीन्ह आपु प्रिय प्रेम प्रवाना।।
हम अब बन तें बनहि पठाई। प्रमुदित फिरब बिबेक बड़ाई।।
तापस मुनि महिसुर सुनि देखी। भए प्रेम बस बिकल बिसेषी।।
समउ समुझि धरि धीरजु राजा। चले भरत पहिं सहित समाजा।।
भरत आइ आगें भइ लीन्हे। अवसर सरिस सुआसन दीन्हे।।
तात भरत कह तेरहुति राऊ। तुम्हहि बिदित रघुबीर सुभाऊ।।
दो0-राम सत्यब्रत धरम रत सब कर सीलु सनेहु।।
संकट सहत सकोच बस कहिअ जो आयसु देहु।।292।।

We covered up to Doha 292 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that the words of Muni Vashishtth had big impact on King Janak and he also came under spell of love forgetting his knowledge and long held attitude of dispassion. Janak thought that it was not right for him to have come here as King Dashrath at least proved his love for Shri Ram by losing his life after he had seen Shri Ram go in exile while for Janak and others it might be a case where they see Ram going still deeper in to jungle and all of them returning happily back and wiser for it. This situation had made all present there feel distraught including the ascetics. Ultimately Janak, remaining patient, left to see Bharat and was received by Bharat with honor who then offered proper seats to all. King Janak then broached up the subject with Bharat saying, ” O Son Bharat, you are well aware of the benign nature of Shri Ram, He is always on side of truth, cares for everyone and loves everyone and is also always ready to suffer for the sake of others without complaints, in this light suggest whatever you think is proper for me to tell others.”

सुनि तन पुलकि नयन भरि बारी। बोले भरतु धीर धरि भारी।।
प्रभु प्रिय पूज्य पिता सम आपू। कुलगुरु सम हित माय न बापू।।
कौसिकादि मुनि सचिव समाजू। ग्यान अंबुनिधि आपुनु आजू।।
सिसु सेवक आयसु अनुगामी। जानि मोहि सिख देइअ स्वामी।।
एहिं समाज थल बूझब राउर। मौन मलिन मैं बोलब बाउर।।
छोटे बदन कहउँ बड़ि बाता। छमब तात लखि बाम बिधाता।।
आगम निगम प्रसिद्ध पुराना। सेवाधरमु कठिन जगु जाना।।
स्वामि धरम स्वारथहि बिरोधू। बैरु अंध प्रेमहि न प्रबोधू।।
दो0-राखि राम रुख धरमु ब्रतु पराधीन मोहि जानि।
सब कें संमत सर्ब हित करिअ पेमु पहिचानि।।293।।

Bharat became overwhelmed listening to what King Janak told him and tears welled up in his eyes but he remained totally composed and very patient and said to the king, “You are my superior, very dear to me and command my respect while my family’s Guru (preceptor) is more competent to ensure my welfare more than my mother and father. Present also are Kaushik and other Munis, the ministers and rest of people; besides you are known as the ocean of wisdom and knowledge in today’s times, you must instruct me as my master knowing me to be a child and a servant of yours who will only follow as instructed.

“At this occasion and place your seeking my views and opinion has put me in a quandary for if I keep quiet I am going to be taken as having malicious intentions and if I speak it will be taken to be a blabbering of someone mad.  I am however inclined to speak authoritatively from a lower position, for which O Taat (father like elder), excuse me considering that the creator has turned against me. The various Shashtras and renowned scriptures have already declared that duties of a servant are difficult to determine and execute in this world and it is always the case that selfish interests and the duties towards the master are ever in conflict. Enmity makes one blind and love makes one lose sense and wisdom.

“I would only pray that you do according to preference of Shri Ram, in line with his vow to uphold Dharma at all times, and knowing me as only his subordinate and dependent; this only will be endorsed by all and only it will have benevolence enshrined in it, only you have to be taking in account the extent of love of one for another as love is the paramount emotion to guide us in these circumstances.”

We have now covered up to Doha 293.

भरत बचन सुनि देखि सुभाऊ। सहित समाज सराहत राऊ।।
सुगम अगम मृदु मंजु कठोरे। अरथु अमित अति आखर थोरे।।
ज्यौ मुख मुकुर मुकुरु निज पानी। गहि न जाइ अस अदभुत बानी।।
भूप भरत मुनि सहित समाजू। गे जहँ बिबुध कुमुद द्विजराजू।।
सुनि सुधि सोच बिकल सब लोगा। मनहुँ मीनगन नव जल जोगा।।
देवँ प्रथम कुलगुर गति देखी। निरखि बिदेह सनेह बिसेषी।।
राम भगतिमय भरतु निहारे। सुर स्वारथी हहरि हियँ हारे।।
सब कोउ राम पेममय पेखा। भउ अलेख सोच बस लेखा।।
दो0-रामु सनेह सकोच बस कह ससोच सुरराज।
रचहु प्रपंचहि पंच मिलि नाहिं त भयउ अकाजु।।294।।

Getting to understand the basic nature of Bharat and observing his exemplary disposition, the king and others were appreciative of the same. Bharat’s words were simple but were very meaningful; his words carried a volume of substance though delivered in concise manner. It was not for all to get at the bottom of the same intricately conceived principles, in the same way as one might hold a mirror in hand which reflects one’s face yet to touch it by hand remains elusive. The King, Muni Vashihtth and Bharat along with others then went up to Shri Ram, the one who always delights the gods and the great Brahmins, to meet him and discuss. This brought cheer to all who were distraught when they reached near Shri Ram in the same way as the first showers after the summers enliven the fishes in drying ponds. The gods first noted the condition of family preceptor Muni Vashishtth and then looked at King Janak known as Videh i e someone above mundane considerations who displayed uncharacteristic emotions of love and attachment at this point in time. Shri Ram took special note of Bharat as being totally devoted to Him which made the gods who only care for their own selfish motives lose their hearts (thinking that Shri Ram might be influenced by Bharat and stay back). The gods were also clueless observing everyone there totally under spell of love for Shri Ram (about what was in really in store for them).

The chief of gods found Shri Ram influenced by the love of people and worriedly told other members of his group to engineer a devious plot once again to save the situation (like they had earlier done to poison the wit of Kaikeyi through Manthara taking help of Goddess Saraswati).

(The gods, though subservient to the Lord Supreme, selfishly care for their own survival so that the cycle of creation goes on unhindered, they reward those who worship them but feel threatened by such demons who control them through power amassed by their own blessings; their mechanical ways remain unaffected by people’s love for the Supreme Lord of Universe.)

We have now covered up to Doha 294 of Ayodhya kand.

Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!
Shri Jankival;labho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ki Jai!
Goswami tulsidas ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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