Ramcharit Charcha DXXII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

भरत बचन सुनि देखि सुभाऊ। सहित समाज सराहत राऊ।।
सुगम अगम मृदु मंजु कठोरे। अरथु अमित अति आखर थोरे।।
ज्यौ मुख मुकुर मुकुरु निज पानी। गहि न जाइ अस अदभुत बानी।।
भूप भरत मुनि सहित समाजू। गे जहँ बिबुध कुमुद द्विजराजू।।
सुनि सुधि सोच बिकल सब लोगा। मनहुँ मीनगन नव जल जोगा।।
देवँ प्रथम कुलगुर गति देखी। निरखि बिदेह सनेह बिसेषी।।
राम भगतिमय भरतु निहारे। सुर स्वारथी हहरि हियँ हारे।।
सब कोउ राम पेममय पेखा। भउ अलेख सोच बस लेखा।।
दो0-रामु सनेह सकोच बस कह ससोच सुरराज।
रचहु प्रपंचहि पंच मिलि नाहिं त भयउ अकाजु।।294।।

We covered up to Doha 294 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post learned that King Janak and others appreciated much the words and balanced disposition of Bharat as Bharat had very precisely conveyed a lot of sense and substance in a beautiful way. King, Bharat and Muni Vashishtth along with the rest then proceeded to meet Raghuraj Shri Ram while they all were under deep thoughts and also shaky and upset after listening to what BHarat had said but in Shri Ram’s presence they regained happiness. The gods first noted the condition of Kulguru (family preceptor) and then found Janak also very emotionally charged. They found Bharat totally devoted to Shri Ram. This made the gods lose heart. Since all were seen by them in deep love for Shri Ram, the gods became too worried. The concerned chief of gods then told his group members, “Shri Ram is easily bound by love; we therefore need to put in place some design otherwise the unwanted might happen.’

सुरन्ह सुमिरि सारदा सराही। देबि देव सरनागत पाही।।
फेरि भरत मति करि निज माया। पालु बिबुध कुल करि छल छाया।।
बिबुध बिनय सुनि देबि सयानी। बोली सुर स्वारथ जड़ जानी।।
मो सन कहहु भरत मति फेरू। लोचन सहस न सूझ सुमेरू।।
बिधि हरि हर माया बड़ि भारी। सोउ न भरत मति सकइ निहारी।।
सो मति मोहि कहत करु भोरी। चंदिनि कर कि चंडकर चोरी।।
भरत हृदयँ सिय राम निवासू। तहँ कि तिमिर जहँ तरनि प्रकासू।।
अस कहि सारद गइ बिधि लोका। बिबुध बिकल निसि मानहुँ कोका।।
दो0-सुर स्वारथी मलीन मन कीन्ह कुमंत्र कुठाटु।।
रचि प्रपंच माया प्रबल भय भ्रम अरति उचाटु।।295।।

With intention to interfere once again the gods invoked goddess Saraswati and praised her and said, “O Devi, we, the gods, seek your shelter and protection. You may kindly influence the wit of Bharat and turn his mind through your abilities, you have to save the entire of body of gods by deploying some deceitful means for that purpose.”

The wise goddess listened to request of gods and knowing the gods to be very selfish and mindless she told them, “You wish me to deflect what Bharat thinks, your leader has a thousand eyes yet he can’t see bulky Sumeru (a big mountain). What prowess I have under command, the same special powers (Mayic powers) are much more in hands of the creator Brahma, the savior Vishnu and the destroyer Shiv, even they can’t able to look at Bharat’s intellectual profundity with intention to influence it and you ask me to affect the same and make it dumb, it is never possible in the same way as the rays of the moon can’t do a bit to the sun (which is the very source responsible for the shine of the moon). Bharat’s heart is abode of Lord Shri Ram and Bhagwati Sita (as the sole source of what we see is their extension only), can there be any trace of darkness where there is flood of sun’s light.”

Saying this the goddess Saraswati retreated to her world, the realm of Brahma, leaving the gods perplexed and feeling like the Chakravak birds in the night.

The gods who have a mean nature did not still stop short of doing some foul tricks under their own command; they created an atmosphere of fear, confusion, weariness  and disinterest which afflicted the people of Ayodhya, through spread of their deadly powers.

We have covered up to Doha 295 of Ayodhya kand.

करि कुचालि सोचत सुरराजू। भरत हाथ सबु काजु अकाजू।।
गए जनकु रघुनाथ समीपा। सनमाने सब रबिकुल दीपा।।
समय समाज धरम अबिरोधा। बोले तब रघुबंस पुरोधा।।
जनक भरत संबादु सुनाई। भरत कहाउति कही सुहाई।।
तात राम जस आयसु देहू। सो सबु करै मोर मत एहू।।
सुनि रघुनाथ जोरि जुग पानी। बोले सत्य सरल मृदु बानी।।
बिद्यमान आपुनि मिथिलेसू। मोर कहब सब भाँति भदेसू।।
राउर राय रजायसु होई। राउरि सपथ सही सिर सोई।।
दो0-राम सपथ सुनि मुनि जनकु सकुचे सभा समेत।
सकल बिलोकत भरत मुखु बनइ न उतरु देत।।296।।

Putting his mischievous design in place, the chief of gods thought that now it rested in hands of Bharat whether what they desire will happen or some thing reverse to their interest happens.

Back at Chitrakoot King Janak approached Shri Ram; Shri Ram, the star in the family of Raghus, profoundly welcomed him and those who accompanied him. The honorable priest of the Raghuvansh (family of Raghu) Muni Vashishtth then grabbed the opportunity of saying something which would not be seen as contrary to the need of the time, against interest of society or contradictory to Dharma; he mentioned what had transpired between Janak and Bharat earlier and the gist of what Bharat had told them all. Muni told Shri Ram, “O Taat (dear son) Ram, whatever You instruct all should do the same, this is my own opinion (because Bharat would readily agree to the same and all others would not mind to accept it).”

Shri Ram listened and then folded his hands expressing his humility; Ram (who represents the purest truth, the real substance behind every thing that exists as the Brahman) told Muni in very acceptable soft tone, “you and the lord of Mithila, King Janak, are present here in person, if I still speak, out of turn, in their presence it will only be odd and undignified. Whatever is your considered opinion and the royal command of King Janak, I take vow in your name, it will be wholly acceptable to me as the best solution and as my duty to carry it out.”

The declaration under oath by Shri Ram made Muni, Janak and the others present there feel slightly awkward and nonplussed and all looked at Bharat expecting his response as they thought themselves inadequate to put forth a response.

(Shri Ram’s expression of total acceptance, without reservation, of what a Guru and an elder in the family might want conveys to us how we should behave in our lives. Attitude of this kind only puts anyone above confusions; any ifs and buts have no place before such people who can only have our total interest in mind and not a trace of their own interest.)

We have covered up to Doha 296 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Gowami Tulsidas Ki jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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