Ramcharit Charcha DXXIV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

प्रभु पितु मातु सुह्रद गुर स्वामी। पूज्य परम हित अतंरजामी।।
सरल सुसाहिबु सील निधानू। प्रनतपाल सर्बग्य सुजानू।।
समरथ सरनागत हितकारी। गुनगाहकु अवगुन अघ हारी।।
स्वामि गोसाँइहि सरिस गोसाई। मोहि समान मैं साइँ दोहाई।।
प्रभु पितु बचन मोह बस पेली। आयउँ इहाँ समाजु सकेली।।
जग भल पोच ऊँच अरु नीचू। अमिअ अमरपद माहुरु मीचू।।
राम रजाइ मेट मन माहीं। देखा सुना कतहुँ कोउ नाहीं।।
सो मैं सब बिधि कीन्हि ढिठाई। प्रभु मानी सनेह सेवकाई।।
दो0-कृपाँ भलाई आपनी नाथ कीन्ह भल मोर।
दूषन भे भूषन सरिस सुजसु चारु चहु ओर।।298।।

We covered up to Doha 299 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsida in the last post and learned that Bharat came forward to break the ice when all had become quiet after Shri Ram’s declaration and respectfully prayed all to excuse him for being vocal out of turn and then began to address Shri Ram saying, “My lord, you are father, mother, friend and master, you are most respectable, deliverer of ultimate benefit and know my heart. you are a good master of straight nature, help the shelter seekers, recognize qualities of others and remove faults in others and make them sinless. There is none as good a master as you, on the other hand none is as vile as me because I have foolishly come here with all the people ignoring what father wanted. The fact is that none, high or low, good or bad, has capacity to go against will of Ram i e the Supreme Lord of Universe and yet I have obstinately acted. You as my Lord have appreciated my affection and my services, your graceful kindness has done a world of good that my faults have become adornment and have made me famous.”

राउरि रीति सुबानि बड़ाई। जगत बिदित निगमागम गाई।।
कूर कुटिल खल कुमति कलंकी। नीच निसील निरीस निसंकी।।
तेउ सुनि सरन सामुहें आए। सकृत प्रनामु किहें अपनाए।।
देखि दोष कबहुँ न उर आने। सुनि गुन साधु समाज बखाने।।
को साहिब सेवकहि नेवाजी। आपु समाज साज सब साजी।।
निज करतूति न समुझिअ सपनें। सेवक सकुच सोचु उर अपनें।।
सो गोसाइँ नहि दूसर कोपी। भुजा उठाइ कहउँ पन रोपी।।
पसु नाचत सुक पाठ प्रबीना। गुन गति नट पाठक आधीना।।
दो0-यों सुधारि सनमानि जन किए साधु सिरमोर।
को कृपाल बिनु पालिहै बिरिदावलि बरजोर।।299।।

Bharat went on expressing himself and said to Shri Ram, “Your ways, your sublime speech, your greatness are known to all in the world and even the Vedas and other scriptures have sung your such glories. The cruel, the crooked, the wicked, ill-witted and condemnable, as also the mean, shameless, the ones who don’t believe in god hence have no fear of him and those who are ruthlessly unethical are accepted by You when they come before You seeking Your pardon and refuge and bow down with respect. Though You become aware of faults in others yet You do not mind them too much and in case of good qualities in someone that You are told about, You always elaborately mention it in the presence of saints and seers. Who is such a master who shows kindness towards his servants by Himself providing everything needed and yet not, even in a dream, takes credit for it ensuring that the servant never feels obliged or winces.

“I therefore avowedly declared, O My Venerable Master, that such a one other than You is no where to be found. People see animals dancing and the parrots expertly sermonizing but all these qualities and graceful movement are due to the expert teacher and none belong to the animal or the parrot.

“So likewise You have by reforming and giving them their due honor, You have made even ordinary people look like more respected among Sadhus, who else has been seen to be so meticulously nursing and maintaining the host of divine qualities known to all like You do, O Graceful One.”

We have now covered up to Doha 299 in Ayodhya Kand.

सोक सनेहँ कि बाल सुभाएँ। आयउँ लाइ रजायसु बाएँ।।
तबहुँ कृपाल हेरि निज ओरा। सबहि भाँति भल मानेउ मोरा।।
देखेउँ पाय सुमंगल मूला। जानेउँ स्वामि सहज अनुकूला।।
बड़ें समाज बिलोकेउँ भागू। बड़ीं चूक साहिब अनुरागू।।
कृपा अनुग्रह अंगु अघाई। कीन्हि कृपानिधि सब अधिकाई।।
राखा मोर दुलार गोसाईं। अपनें सील सुभायँ भलाईं।।
नाथ निपट मैं कीन्हि ढिठाई। स्वामि समाज सकोच बिहाई।।
अबिनय बिनय जथारुचि बानी। छमिहि देउ अति आरति जानी।।
दो0-सुह्रद सुजान सुसाहिबहि बहुत कहब बड़ि खोरि।
आयसु देइअ देव अब सबइ सुधारी मोरि।।300।।

Bharat continued and said, “Whether out of my affection for You, due to intensity of grief or because of my childish attitude, I have in any case defied the royal command; You took me to Your own side and have considered me to be worthy of being on Your side. In this large and august gathering I have witnessed unfolding of my good fortune that though my omission and delinquency is of grave nature yet still I enjoy Your affection for me. Through Your grace and benevolence, You as Kripanidhi (treasure of grace) have bestowed on me everything in good measure. O Venerable Master, You have maintained an attitude of softness for me which is entirely attributable to Your own dignified self and goodness (without my deserving it in any way).

“Lord, while I have been most irresponsible and have not been courteous towards my master and towards this assembly, I have spoken in a manner of my liking whether politely or impolitely and expect to be excused by my senior knowing me to be under great distress.

“I am aware that to speak too much before a well wisher, before a person who is largely aware of the matter and before a benign master, is uncalled for and foolish; My Master, You may now order and instruct me putting me on right course in every possible way.”

(A good devotee in times of crisis only looks for what the Supreme Lord wants and sees his entire welfare covered in it, he however makes it a point to be in the mode of total surrender. When nothing of his own leanings pull him in this direction or that, he is able to catch the message of the Lord with complete ease.)

We have now covered up to Doha 300 in Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Gowami Tulsidas ki jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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