Ramcharit Charcha DXXVIII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

सहित समाज तुम्हार हमारा। घर बन गुर प्रसाद रखवारा।।
मातु पिता गुर स्वामि निदेसू। सकल धरम धरनीधर सेसू।।
सो तुम्ह करहु करावहु मोहू। तात तरनिकुल पालक होहू।।
साधक एक सकल सिधि देनी। कीरति सुगति भूतिमय बेनी।।
सो बिचारि सहि संकटु भारी। करहु प्रजा परिवारु सुखारी।।
बाँटी बिपति सबहिं मोहि भाई। तुम्हहि अवधि भरि बड़ि कठिनाई।।
जानि तुम्हहि मृदु कहउँ कठोरा। कुसमयँ तात न अनुचित मोरा।।
होहिं कुठायँ सुबंधु सुहाए। ओड़िअहिं हाथ असनिहु के घाए।।
दो0-सेवक कर पद नयन से मुख सो साहिबु होइ।
तुलसी प्रीति कि रीति सुनि सुकबि सराहहिं सोइ।।306।।

We covered up to Doha 306 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Shri Ram advised Bharat that entire welfare of their own and of all others’ rested with the grace of the Guru and that it is in best interest at all times to follow the instructions and advice of parents, of Guru and of the master. Shri Ram then wished Bharat to let Him follow the same very path and be of help in protecting the family and also said that the path he suggested could enable them to achieve all desired objectives. Lastly Shri Ram acknowledged that Bharat had been very supportive in trying times and while He had apprised Bharat of hard realities though He knew him to be yet a tender person. Shri Ram asked Bharat to not mind it as it was the due to call of hour and told him that a good brother can be depended on for saving a difficult situation.

सभा सकल सुनि रघुबर बानी। प्रेम पयोधि अमिअ जनु सानी।।
सिथिल समाज सनेह समाधी। देखि दसा चुप सारद साधी।।
भरतहि भयउ परम संतोषू। सनमुख स्वामि बिमुख दुख दोषू।।
मुख प्रसन्न मन मिटा बिषादू। भा जनु गूँगेहि गिरा प्रसादू।।
कीन्ह सप्रेम प्रनामु बहोरी। बोले पानि पंकरुह जोरी।।
नाथ भयउ सुखु साथ गए को। लहेउँ लाहु जग जनमु भए को।।
अब कृपाल जस आयसु होई। करौं सीस धरि सादर सोई।।
सो अवलंब देव मोहि देई। अवधि पारु पावौं जेहि सेई।।
दो0-देव देव अभिषेक हित गुर अनुसासनु पाइ।
आनेउँ सब तीरथ सलिलु तेहि कहँ काह रजाइ।।307।।

Everyone in the assembly listened to the talk of Shri Ram which was like an ocean of milk and was laced with nectar like substance (i e it nourished them and gave hope). The perplexed lot of the people had now been placed in Samadhi (in a state of spiritual trance) like situation on account of an atmosphere of love there now; viewing this Goddess Saraswati now stopped her instinctive interference to let all enjoy it. Bharat also now felt immensely pleased, for him his master was now favorably inclined towards him and his faults not mattered now and the troubles causing him distress had become ineffective. His face regained glow due to happiness and his heart came out of the grieving state. It was like a dumb person getting reward of regaining power to speak.

With love and reverence Bharat bowed down and began to speak while humbly joining palms of his hands. Bharat said, “Lord, i have now the same pleasure and satisfaction that i expected from accompanying you and i take this to be the reward of my being born (i e the ultimate reward that one may expect of living).

“O Merciful One, whatever be your command, I want to respectfully carry it out with total devotion and acceptance. I still want a token of your support which will enable me to be successful and would give strength to me to negotiate the period of Your exile by serving it (if not You directly but this as a symbol of Yours).

“My Provider, i have also brought waters of all the sacred places for Abhishek (anointment of the deities at the time of Your coronation) as per instructions of Guru. Since it will no more be needed for the intended purpose, I seek Your view as to what treatment it be given.”

(Here we see Bharat instantly agreeing to what Shri Ram said to him. A Bhakta is only confused till he is unaware of the intent of the Lord and not a second after he comes to know the mind of the Lord. Bharat established the principle that only the path suggested by Lord is good for him and nothing else or his own will matters. A second principle established by Bharat here is that a Bhakta is only able to maintain his capacity to do as per the will of the Lord when he has support from Him, he never ever imagines a situation where his strength is sufficient. Since a Bhakta wishes to serve the Lord at all times and as a human might get distracted, he wants to hold on to some symbol representing the Lord and therefore wants to have it. Hinduism accepts both, the practice of meditating up on abstract God like King Janak did and the practice of worshiping a symbol of Lord like Bharat intends to do. Only a few can be proficient in first type of practice but the second type of practice is for all to keep progressing over time.)

We have now covered up to Doha 307 of Ayodhya Kand.

एकु मनोरथु बड़ मन माहीं। सभयँ सकोच जात कहि नाहीं।।
कहहु तात प्रभु आयसु पाई। बोले बानि सनेह सुहाई।।
चित्रकूट सुचि थल तीरथ बन। खग मृग सर सरि निर्झर गिरिगन।।
प्रभु पद अंकित अवनि बिसेषी। आयसु होइ त आवौं देखी।।
अवसि अत्रि आयसु सिर धरहू। तात बिगतभय कानन चरहू।।
मुनि प्रसाद बनु मंगल दाता। पावन परम सुहावन भ्राता।।
रिषिनायकु जहँ आयसु देहीं। राखेहु तीरथ जलु थल तेहीं।।
सुनि प्रभु बचन भरत सुख पावा। मुनि पद कमल मुदित सिरु नावा।।
दो0-भरत राम संबादु सुनि सकल सुमंगल मूल।
सुर स्वारथी सराहि कुल बरषत सुरतरु फूल।।308।।

Bharat then put forth before Bhagwan Shri Ram his dilemma that he had one strong wish but was reluctant to ask. Shri Ram then asked his younger brother Bharat to make it known. With Lord’s permission Bharat spoke in very loving tone, “Chitrakoot has many pure spots and sacred places (the Teerthas) and forests. It abounds in birds, animals, ponds, rivers and water falls besides the hills. Some of these places have had stamp of the feet of the Lord, particularly those spots I want to go and see if permitted.”

Shri Ram replied to Bharat saying, “Surely you may do say, just get the permission from Muni Attri and roam about in the forest free from any kind of fear afterwards. It is the grace of the of Muni that the forest is provider of enjoyment and is so sacred and pure and pleasant in every way, My Brother. Further, you may follow the instruction of the Rishinayak (the leader of the Rishis) for depositing the sacred waters that you have brought.”

Shri Ram’s words pleased Bharat and he went about seeking permission of Muni and bowed down before him.

The selfish gods listened to what transpired between Shri Ram and Bharat which was nothing but the source of all types of welfare and good tidings and they now appreciated the family Shri Ram and Bharat belonged to. Honoring thus they showered the flowers picked from the celestial tree.

We have now covered up to Doha 308 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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