Ramcharit Charcha DXXXII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

पुरजन परिजन प्रजा गोसाई। सब सुचि सरस सनेहँ सगाई।।
राउर बदि भल भव दुख दाहू। प्रभु बिनु बादि परम पद लाहू।।
स्वामि सुजानु जानि सब ही की। रुचि लालसा रहनि जन जी की।।
प्रनतपालु पालिहि सब काहू। देउ दुहू दिसि ओर निबाहू।।
अस मोहि सब बिधि भूरि भरोसो। किएँ बिचारु न सोचु खरो सो।।
आरति मोर नाथ कर छोहू। दुहुँ मिलि कीन्ह ढीठु हठि मोहू।।
यह बड़ दोषु दूरि करि स्वामी। तजि सकोच सिखइअ अनुगामी।।
भरत बिनय सुनि सबहिं प्रसंसी। खीर नीर बिबरन गति हंसी।।
दो0-दीनबंधु सुनि बंधु के बचन दीन छलहीन।
देस काल अवसर सरिस बोले रामु प्रबीन।।314।।

We covered up to Doha 314 of Ayodhya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and learned that Bharat thanked Shri Ram in assembly for his love and care and said no position, however exalted, is worthy of availing if it is to distance one from Shri Ram who knows what lies in every ones’ heart and who is ready at all times to help and support. Bharat said his master’s love for him on one hand and his own miseries on other hand had made him willful and by removing that fault in him he wished Shri Ram to tell ways that would keep him live through the period of exile and successfully serve Ayodhya. Shri Ram appreciated the simple and guileless words of Bharat and prepared to answer him in accordance with the need of the hour.

तात तुम्हारि मोरि परिजन की। चिंता गुरहि नृपहि घर बन की।।
माथे पर गुर मुनि मिथिलेसू। हमहि तुम्हहि सपनेहुँ न कलेसू।।
मोर तुम्हार परम पुरुषारथु। स्वारथु सुजसु धरमु परमारथु।।
पितु आयसु पालिहिं दुहु भाई। लोक बेद भल भूप भलाई।।
गुर पितु मातु स्वामि सिख पालें। चलेहुँ कुमग पग परहिं न खालें।।
अस बिचारि सब सोच बिहाई। पालहु अवध अवधि भरि जाई।।
देसु कोसु परिजन परिवारू। गुर पद रजहिं लाग छरुभारू।।
तुम्ह मुनि मातु सचिव सिख मानी। पालेहु पुहुमि प्रजा रजधानी।।
दो0-मुखिआ मुखु सो चाहिऐ खान पान कहुँ एक।
पालइ पोषइ सकल अँग तुलसी सहित बिबेक।।315।।

Shri Ram told Bharat, “O Taat, our Guru and King Janak are mindful of welfare of me, you and the family members, whether at home or in the forest. With Guru and King of Mithila as our protectors, we should not expect any kind of troubles, even in our dreams. Our selfish interest, our fame, religious obligation and our ultimate benefit all will be served by our extreme effort only when we follow the dictate of our father. Only such a ruler is considered as worthy and good who he is engaged in service of people and this is endorsed by the Vedas and also known commonly.

“It is only to be understood that by following the advice and instructions of Guru, father, mother and the master and by treading on the path suggested by them none has ever suffered the painful boils on soles of their feet even if that path be a difficult path or supposedly undesirable path. With this view and shedding all reservation or worrisome attitude you must come forward and serve and govern the state of Ayodhya for the entire length of my exile. The reality is this that the welfare and security of our country, its treasury, our family and of the citizens will be the responsibility of the dust of feet of our Guru (i e if we just be near the Guru and follow him and serve his feet). Sufficient for you is to take advice of Munis, of mother and of the ministers and engage yourself in protection of the land, its populace and its capital.”

Tulsi says that Lord Shri Ram meant to say that in fact a leader or a chief should be like mouth which is just one organ meant for intake of food and drinks but the benefit of it goes to body’s every organ and part as per the need, so the chief of people should use discretion in a similar way.

We have now covered up to Doha 315 of Ayodhya Kand.

राजधरम सरबसु एतनोई। जिमि मन माहँ मनोरथ गोई।।
बंधु प्रबोधु कीन्ह बहु भाँती। बिनु अधार मन तोषु न साँती।।
भरत सील गुर सचिव समाजू। सकुच सनेह बिबस रघुराजू।।
प्रभु करि कृपा पाँवरीं दीन्हीं। सादर भरत सीस धरि लीन्हीं।।
चरनपीठ करुनानिधान के। जनु जुग जामिक प्रजा प्रान के।।
संपुट भरत सनेह रतन के। आखर जुग जुन जीव जतन के।।
कुल कपाट कर कुसल करम के। बिमल नयन सेवा सुधरम के।।
भरत मुदित अवलंब लहे तें। अस सुख जस सिय रामु रहे तें।।
दो0-मागेउ बिदा प्रनामु करि राम लिए उर लाइ।
लोग उचाटे अमरपति कुटिल कुअवसरु पाइ।।316।।

Shri Ram further told Bharat, “The Rajdharma, the duty prescribed for a king, requires one to keep it within the depth of heart.” This is how Shri Ram gave insight to brother Bharat in many ways but Bharat still did not find a base to stay on and be at rest and gain peace (for Bharat knew that he has to rely on Lord’s advice but without Him before his eyes he might not always be guided by that solemn advice). His love for Bharat and discipline and nobility of Bharat required Raghuraj Shri Ram to help him but in presence of Guru, minister and the gathering of people he felt a bit of unease in doing so. Lastly Lord Shri Ram gracefully gave Bharat His pair of wooden footwear which Bharat accepted with respect and placed them over his head (signifying his resolve to be guided by it at all times).

The pair of sandals of the merciful Lord represented the two posts to keep safe the life of the subjects, they were like a box made of two parts to keep safe the love of Bharat for Shri Ram, they were also like the those two letters of alphabet (‘Ra’ and ‘Ma’) which form the basis of the Jeeva’s salvation when recited together.

This pair of two sandals were as much like the doors to keep the noble deeds done by the family safely deposited behind them; these could be taken to be like the pair of healthy eyes to keep looking for what service and fair practices were to be undertaken by Bharat.

Bharat was now very happy and cheerful to have received these symbols and as much happy as in presence of Bhagwati Sita and Lord Shri Ram.

Bharat then asked leave of Shri Ram while doing Pranam and Shri Ram responded by bringing him close to his heart. The spiteful king of gods thought that it was the moment for him to act fast and he disenchanted the people who now wished to leave instantly.

We have now covered up to Doha 316 of Ayodhya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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