Ramcharit Charcha DXLIII

II Shree Gururvey Namah II


Jai Shri Ram ,


II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram jai jai Ram II

कह मुनि प्रभु सुनु बिनती मोरी। अस्तुति करौं कवन बिधि तोरी।।
महिमा अमित मोरि मति थोरी। रबि सन्मुख खद्योत अँजोरी।।

This is further to Doha 10 of Aranya kand in Ramcharit Mans of Tulsidas which we covered in the last post.

After Muni finished worship etc honoring Shri Ram in his ashram, he said in very polite words, “O Lord, now its time to do Stuti (sing a piece in Your praise) but do not know how because my intellectual strength is limited while Your glories are immense; my effort in that direction would be equal to light emanating from a fire fly in comparison to effort needed that’s as mighty as sun.”

श्याम तामरस दाम शरीरं। जटा मुकुट परिधन मुनिचीरं।।
पाणि चाप शर कटि तूणीरं। नौमि निरंतर श्रीरघुवीरं।।
मोह विपिन घन दहन कृशानुः। संत सरोरुह कानन भानुः।।
निशिचर करि वरूथ मृगराजः। त्रातु सदा नो भव खग बाजः।।

Muni then began to sing praises saying, “Your body is like a streak of blue lotuses, You keep Your matted hair locks folded like a crown on Your head and dress in garb of Munis. In Your hands, You keep bow and arrow and tie quiver to Your waist. I continuously bow down to such Shri Raghuveer (the brave one among Raghus).

“You only are that fire that can burn down the thick forest of falsehood and confusion but You are also like sun (under light of which the lotuses bloom) for the Saints who live like lotuses (i e live clean like lotuses) in the forest. You scare big demons like herded elephants get scared in presence of a lion. Kindly save us like hawk by killing the bird that is the attraction for the world that makes us take many births.”

अरुण नयन राजीव सुवेशं। सीता नयन चकोर निशेशं।।
हर ह्रदि मानस बाल मरालं। नौमि राम उर बाहु विशालं।।
संशय सर्प ग्रसन उरगादः। शमन सुकर्कश तर्क विषादः।।
भव भंजन रंजन सुर यूथः। त्रातु सदा नो कृपा वरूथः।।

“You have crimson colored lotus like eyes and You have an attractive form and attire, You are like full moon for the Chakore like eyes of Sita, You roam like young swan in the pure heart of Lord Shiv which is like Manas lake of lure water. I bow down to that Shri Ram whose arms are long and chest is strong. You are like king of birds, Garud, to eat away the serpents of doubts. You are the one who can end the remorse born out of fierce and unpleasant debating (i e those who have had a look at You do not indulge in debates that are undertaken to establish superiority of abstract Supreme lord as they become reconciled to the fact that You are none other than Him). You are definitely the one who can break the cycle of rebirth and You are really here to delight the hearts of gods (by killing demons). You, the embodied compassion, may protect us always.

निर्गुण सगुण विषम सम रूपं। ज्ञान गिरा गोतीतमनूपं।।
अमलमखिलमनवद्यमपारं। नौमि राम भंजन महि भारं।।
भक्त कल्पपादप आरामः। तर्जन क्रोध लोभ मद कामः।।
अति नागर भव सागर सेतुः। त्रातु सदा दिनकर कुल केतुः।।

“You are with attributes and also without attributes, You seem to be siding with one and against another i e behave with equanimity as well as have preferences but in reality You treat all as the same. You are the one beyond the knowing, describing and visualizing with senses and are without an equal to compare with. You are pure and have no impurity of any kind, You are whole and indivisible and infinite in dimensions hence no one can claim to have seen You entirely. I bow down to You Ram, You are the one who can relieve the earth of burden (by eliminating the demons).

“You are like the wish-granting tree for Your Bhaktas who do not have anger, greed, egoistic tendency and cravings and You are their refuge too where they have peace. You are most civil in Your behaviour and are like that bridge which can take one across the ocean of being. You, the most dignified one in the family of Sun, may always protect me.

अतुलित भुज प्रताप बल धामः। कलि मल विपुल विभंजन नामः।।
धर्म वर्म नर्मद गुण ग्रामः। संतत शं तनोतु मम रामः।।
जदपि बिरज ब्यापक अबिनासी। सब के हृदयँ निरंतर बासी।।
तदपि अनुज श्री सहित खरारी। बसतु मनसि मम काननचारी।।

“The strength of Your arms is immeasurable and You are the sole source of might. Your name itself is enough to remove the faults and sins that come easy and in abundance in this Kali age. You are the one to protect the dharma like a shield and the presence of flow of abundant virtues can be seen in Your character, Ram, You may always remain favorable to me.

“Though You have no passion of Your own and are all pervading and are imperishable ever, and You stay in every ones’ heart at all times yet I particularly expect You, the killer of Khara (the demon, his name literally means evil-doer), to always roam about in the forest of my heart ( i e the heart that has not been tended and organised) along with Bhagwati Sita and younger brother Lakshman.

जे जानहिं ते जानहुँ स्वामी। सगुन अगुन उर अंतरजामी।।
जो कोसल पति राजिव नयना। करउ सो राम हृदय मम अयनाII
अस अभिमान जाइ जनि भोरे। मैं सेवक रघुपति पति मोरे।।
सुनि मुनि बचन राम मन भाए। बहुरि हरषि मुनिबर उर लाए।।

“Let those know who want to know You as either with attributes or without attributes and see You as one dwelling in hearts of all and hence know what they know; for me that Ram who has lotus like eyes and is king of Koshala should make my heart his home and theater of activity.

“I want always to remain with belief that I am servant of Raghupati Shri Ram and He alone is my master.”

Shri Ram listened with interest the words of Muni and liked them and He happily brought the great Muni close to His heart.

परम प्रसन्न जानु मुनि मोही। जो बर मागहु देउ सो तोही।।
मुनि कह मै बर कबहुँ न जाचा। समुझि न परइ झूठ का साचा।।
तुम्हहि नीक लागै रघुराई। सो मोहि देहु दास सुखदाई।।
अबिरल भगति बिरति बिग्याना। होहु सकल गुन ग्यान निधाना।।
प्रभु जो दीन्ह सो बरु मैं पावा। अब सो देहु मोहि जो भावा।।
दो0-अनुज जानकी सहित प्रभु चाप बान धर राम।
मम हिय गगन इंदु इव बसहु सदा निहकाम।।11।।

Shri Ram then told Muni, “Muni, you may know me to be extremely happy with you and now you may ask for any boon which I promise to give you.”

Muni then replied, “I have never had expectation of getting a boon, further I even do not know what is good or bad, illusory or real, so no point in asking any boon. Raghuraj Shri Ram, whatever boon You consider worthwhile that might give pleasure to this servant of Your’s, You may surely give.”

Shri Ram then grated boon to the Muni with words, “You may have solid kind of Bhakti along with dispassion and the real knowledge about the Lord Supreme that is me and be rich in all virtues and all that is knowable.”

Muni then said to Shri Ram, “O Lord, what boon You gave me I acknowledge as received but now is the time that You give me one as my own choice.

“I want that Lord of mine who is known as Ram and holds bow and arrow in His hands and is accompanied by Janki Sita and younger brother Lakshman to stay put in the sky of my heart that is without any clouds of wants and wishes, like a moon.”

(Muni wanted freedom from desires and thereby keep the heart pure where the images of Lord Shri Ram – representing the purest and ultimate knowledge, Sita – representing the highest form of Bhakti and Lakshman – representing the total dispassion, might always be kept sight on, and Muni urged Shri Ram to hold His weapons – bow and arrow, in hand so that when occasion comes He would kill the bad tendencies like he had killed Khara, the demon.)

We have now covered up to Doha 11 of Aranya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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