Ramcharit Charcha DLI

II Shree Guruvey namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

प्रभु बिलोकि सर सकहिं न डारी। थकित भई रजनीचर धारी।।
सचिव बोलि बोले खर दूषन। यह कोउ नृपबालक नर भूषन।।
नाग असुर सुर नर मुनि जेते। देखे जिते हते हम केते।।
हम भरि जन्म सुनहु सब भाई। देखी नहिं असि सुंदरताई।।
जद्यपि भगिनी कीन्ह कुरूपा। बध लायक नहिं पुरुष अनूपा।।
देहु तुरत निज नारि दुराई। जीअत भवन जाहु द्वौ भाई।।
मोर कहा तुम्ह ताहि सुनावहु। तासु बचन सुनि आतुर आवहु।।
दूतन्ह कहा राम सन जाई। सुनत राम बोले मुसकाई।।
हम छत्री मृगया बन करहीं। तुम्ह से खल मृग खौजत फिरहीं।।
रिपु बलवंत देखि नहिं डरहीं। एक बार कालहु सन लरहीं।।
जद्यपि मनुज दनुज कुल घालक। मुनि पालक खल सालक बालक।।
जौं न होइ बल घर फिरि जाहू। समर बिमुख मैं हतउँ न काहू।।
रन चढ़ि करिअ कपट चतुराई। रिपु पर कृपा परम कदराई।।
दूतन्ह जाइ तुरत सब कहेऊ। सुनि खर दूषन उर अति दहेऊ।।

This is further to Doha 18 of Aranya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas which we covered on the last post.

Though they were pretty near Lord Shri Ram but could not throw arrows at him for the army of demons had become static (seeing the out of world kind beauty of the Lord from close quarters). Khar and Dooshan also noted the same phenomenon and summoned their assistant and told him, “this is son of some great king and is like an outstanding one among the humans whom we have so far seen. We have either killed or won over many a Nagas, the Rakshasas, gods, humans and Munis i e all the known types of entities but here, listen you all my brothers, we see such beauty that we haven’t had occasion to see since our birth. It is true that they have made my sister ugly by removing her ears and nose yet this  person who is without a comparison is not meant to be killed (the Darshan of Lord had the usual positive impact on psyche of these devils too).”

One of the demon brothers then told his messengers to go and convey their message that he (Shri Ram) may hand over the women kept in hiding and then both the brothers would be allowed to go back home alive. They instructed the messengers to come back immediately with reply of Shri Ram.

The messengers delivered the message to Shri Ram, listening it Shri Ram smiled and said, “we are Kashtriyas and routinely go for hunting in to the jungles. There we look for wicked and wanton animals like you as prey. We are not scared if our enemy is powerful and remain ready to defy even the Death while fighting. Though we are human beings yet we have resolved to eliminate the entire clan of demons, protect the Munis and be baneful to the wicked, however we might look young in appearance.

“If there is no strength in your masters then they might return back for it is also my trait that I don’t kill who turns back without fighting and I allow him to return home. Coming prepared on the battle field and then engaging in trickery and to show mercy towards the enemy etc are signs of weakness and cowardice.”

(Here Lord Shri Ram meant to convey that the Kshatriyas who are supposed to rule are expected to go all over their kingdom and beyond and not enjoy comforts of home, for picking and eliminating wicked elements; compromises of any kind with such elements is not the way however those who readily surrender might be left; for a soldier therefore death is not a factor that he should give weight and he should consider duty as paramount.)
छं-उर दहेउ कहेउ कि धरहु धाए बिकट भट रजनीचरा।
सर चाप तोमर सक्ति सूल कृपान परिघ परसु धरा।।
प्रभु कीन्ह धनुष टकोर प्रथम कठोर घोर भयावहा।
भए बधिर ब्याकुल जातुधान न ग्यान तेहि अवसर रहा।।
दो0-सावधान होइ धाए जानि सबल आराति।
लागे बरषन राम पर अस्त्र सस्त्र बहु भाँति।।19(क)।।
तिन्ह के आयुध तिल सम करि काटे रघुबीर।
तानि सरासन श्रवन लगि पुनि छाँड़े निज तीर।।19(ख)।।

Now the response of Shri Ram made the heart of Khar and Dooshan cringe and they ordered the army men to rush and capture Shri Ram who charged with full force holding weapons of all kinds against the Lord who in turn just made His bow resound which made fear inducing unbearable boom. This made all of them deaf and lose all sense.

Now the army of demons got to know that were fighting against a formidable enemy and became more cautious and began to shower on Shri Ram many kinds of weapons and other arms. All these instruments were converted in to small pieces by Raghuveer Shri Ram who later used His bow to send His arrows across.

We have now covered up to Doha 19 of Aranya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar ki jai!

Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!

Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!

Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!



Krishna Khandelwal



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