Ramcharit Charcha DLV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Shri Ram Jai Ram jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram jai Ram Jai jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

सुर नर असुर नाग खग माहीं। मोरे अनुचर कहँ कोउ नाहीं।।
खर दूषन मोहि सम बलवंता। तिन्हहि को मारइ बिनु भगवंता।।
सुर रंजन भंजन महि भारा। जौं भगवंत लीन्ह अवतारा।।
तौ मै जाइ बैरु हठि करऊँ। प्रभु सर प्रान तजें भव तरऊँ।।
होइहि भजनु न तामस देहा। मन क्रम बचन मंत्र दृढ़ एहा।।
जौं नररुप भूपसुत कोऊ। हरिहउँ नारि जीति रन दोऊ।।
चला अकेल जान चढि तहवाँ। बस मारीच सिंधु तट जहवाँ।।
इहाँ राम जसि जुगुति बनाई। सुनहु उमा सो कथा सुहाई।।
दो0-लछिमन गए बनहिं जब लेन मूल फल कंद।
जनकसुता सन बोले बिहसि कृपा सुख बृंद।। 23।।

This is further to Doha 22 of Aranya kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas which we covered in the last post.

Ravan, who had lost his sleep, thought, “Among the gods, humans, demons, the Nagas and among the birds, none has capacity to fight as much as my subordinates. Khar and Dooshan were as mighty and strong as me, who other than God Himself can kill them. If by the way the God has descended on earth taking avatar to please gods and to reduce the burden of earth (by eliminating the demons from face of earth like me), then I would pick up animosity with Him by design and would lose my life by getting hit by the arrow of the Supreme Lord and thereby get across the ocean of life (because this is supposed to be a natural rewards for those who are killed by the God by His own hands).

“I have been born with a body that is steeped in Tamas Guna (the mode of ignorance – he recalled the curse of being born thrice as a rascal) and therefore can not concentrate on doing Bhajan (adoration of the Lord). I now commit to do the same (i e to earn the wrath of God) through my thoughts, actions and speech. If in reality they (Ram and Lakshman) are just sons of a king having appeared as an ordinary men then naturally I will have secured victory over them and then would snatch the woman (Sita) accompanying them.”

(Here is the reason why Ravan did not ever pay heed to sane advice from so many, including his wife, that Shri Ram is God Himself in form of a prince; he had already deducted this by his logic but knew either way he will have some benefit i e of getting liberated or of getting Sita, an immensely beautiful woman as per Supankha’s description. His total selfishness is apparent because he never has in mind revenge of Supanakha that she went for to him.)

With this kind of resolve in mind Ravan left in his air-craft taking none along to meet Mareech who lived near the sea-shore on an island (since after he was hit by Ram’s arrow and had landed there).

Lord Shiv told Uma, “Now listen to that interesting part where Shri Ram, on the other side, made a secret plan.

“It is about what Shri Ram, always abundantly gracious and blissful, spoke to Sita when Lakshman left to pick roots, fruits and stems in to the jungle.”

We have now covered up to Doha 23 of Aranya Kand.


Bhavani lakshman ki Jai!

Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!

Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!

Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!



Krishna Khandelwal


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