Ramcharit Charcha DLIX

II Shree Guruvey Namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

तेहि बन निकट दसानन गयऊ। तब मारीच कपटमृग भयऊ।।
अति बिचित्र कछु बरनि न जाई। कनक देह मनि रचित बनाई।।
सीता परम रुचिर मृग देखा। अंग अंग सुमनोहर बेषा।।
सुनहु देव रघुबीर कृपाला। एहि मृग कर अति सुंदर छाला।।
सत्यसंध प्रभु बधि करि एही। आनहु चर्म कहति बैदेही।।

We covered up to Doha 26 of Aranya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and this is further to it.

Dashanan Ravan and Mareech reached near the same surrounding area in forest where Shri Ram had His abode; there Mareech assumed the false appearance as a deer with design to cheat. This form of the deer was quite unusual yet attractive, it looked as if the body of it was made of gold and was studded with gems. Sita came to see this compellingly beautiful and likable deer which had attraction in all its limbs. Sita then said to Shri Ram, “Listen, O My kind Lord Raghuveer (she called Shri Ram as the bravest one among Raghus as if she wanted to remind Him that nothing was impossible for Him), this deer has a very beautiful skin.”

“Lord, you truly carry out your promises hence promise me (even otherwise you have promised me to fulfill my desires) to kill this deer and bring to me its lovely skin,” Vaidehi Sita thus concluded.

(The surprise here is that Sita as Vaidehi (daughter of Videh, a king not having body related attractions, should be interested in a part of body of just a deer which involves violence too. This is play of Maya, this is how we mortals too get in to troubles, Sita also now got lured to glamour, glamour of the unreal kind apparently about which nothing is known and mostly can be a trap; its such path that would land her in trouble but its under plan of the Lord so we should not think poorly of Sita who as Maya is totally under Lord’s control at all times.)

तब रघुपति जानत सब कारन। उठे हरषि सुर काजु सँवारन।।
मृग बिलोकि कटि परिकर बाँधा। करतल चाप रुचिर सर साँधा।।
प्रभु लछिमनिहि कहा समुझाई। फिरत बिपिन निसिचर बहु भाई।।
सीता केरि करेहु रखवारी। बुधि बिबेक बल समय बिचारी।।
प्रभुहि बिलोकि चला मृग भाजी। धाए रामु सरासन साजी।।

Then Raghupati (the Lord of Raghus) who had full knowledge of the reality of the deer, happily got up as the cause of the gods had to be taken care of. He sized up the deer with a glance and tied the quiver to his waist then holding His bow in hand He placed a nice arrow on it making it ready for strike. Before leaving to follow the deer Shri Ram summoned Lakshman and explained to him that many demons were roaming in the forest hence he should keep Sita duly protected applying intellect, discretion and force as per the need of the hour. The deer in the mean time looked at Shri Ram who was armed and took flight in to the deeper jungle. Shri Ram too, equipped with bow and arrow, followed it.

निगम नेति सिव ध्यान न पावा। मायामृग पाछें सो धावा।।
कबहुँ निकट पुनि दूरि पराई। कबहुँक प्रगटइ कबहुँ छपाई।।
प्रगटत दुरत करत छल भूरी। एहि बिधि प्रभुहि गयउ लै दूरी।।
तब तकि राम कठिन सर मारा। धरनि परेउ करि घोर पुकारा।।
लछिमन कर प्रथमहिं लै नामा। पाछें सुमिरेसि मन महुँ रामा।।
प्रान तजत प्रगटेसि निज देहा। सुमिरेसि रामु समेत सनेहा।।
अंतर प्रेम तासु पहिचाना। मुनि दुर्लभ गति दीन्हि सुजाना।।
दो0-बिपुल सुमन सुर बरषहिं गावहिं प्रभु गुन गाथ।
निज पद दीन्ह असुर कहुँ दीनबंधु रघुनाथ।।27।।

Isn’t it interesting that whom the Vedas are only able to point out Him through negation of all what can be seen and perceived ordinarily i e whose real form is difficult to be described by Vedas with a definition and whom even Lord Shiv is not able to easily bring in his contemplation totally, such Supreme Lord of Universes should go after an unreal deer. The deer kept decreasing and increasing the distance between itself and the Lord, it brought itself in sight of Shri Ram sometimes and sometimes hid behind thickets. Thus playing hide and seek deploying all tricks at command, the deer took Shri Ram fairly away from the His place of stay. Lastly Shri Ram could fix His aim and released an arrow which was hard to escape; struck by the arrow the deer fell to the ground making big sound while calling out loudly the name of Lakshman. Immediately afterwards Mareech concentrated on remembering Shri Ram withing his heart. His end was now near and at this point he assumed back his real form (the Lord never is kind to one who presents himself bedecked differently then what he really is) and also uttered the name of ‘Ram’ displaying his great affection for Him. The Lord too acknowledged the real devotion that Mareech had been able to cultivate in his heart and the Lord, who always is mindful of the feelings in His Bhakta’s heart, granted Mareech the rare state of liberation (that is hard to achieve without the grace of the Lord).

The gods took this as good occasion to shower flowers and sing praises of the Lord; they were happy to note that Shri Ram, the friend of the weak and the meek, had accepted this demon to merge in His own divine self (those who present themselves as they are without any pretense and can keep thoughts concentrated up on Lord and keep pronouncing any of His names, in their final moments on earth, are the ones who surely are taken within His fold by the Lord).

We have now covered up to Doha 27 of Aranya Kand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal



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