Ramcharit Charcha DLXVIII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

मंत्र जाप मम दृढ़ बिस्वासा। पंचम भजन सो बेद प्रकासा।।
छठ दम सील बिरति बहु करमा। निरत निरंतर सज्जन धरमा।।
सातवँ सम मोहि मय जग देखा। मोतें संत अधिक करि लेखा।।
आठवँ जथालाभ संतोषा। सपनेहुँ नहिं देखइ परदोषा।।
नवम सरल सब सन छलहीना। मम भरोस हियँ हरष न दीना।।
नव महुँ एकउ जिन्ह के होई। नारि पुरुष सचराचर कोई।।
सोइ अतिसय प्रिय भामिनि मोरे। सकल प्रकार भगति दृढ़ तोरें।।
जोगि बृंद दुरलभ गति जोई। तो कहुँ आजु सुलभ भइ सोई।।
मम दरसन फल परम अनूपा। जीव पाव निज सहज सरूपा।।
जनकसुता कइ सुधि भामिनी। जानहि कहु करिबरगामिनी।।

We covered up to Doha 35 of Aranya Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and this is further to it.

After Shri Ram told Shabari four ways that lead towards devotion, He tells rest of them , “To do Mantra Jaap (chanting/muttering of the Mantra given by Guru which may be of any type and centering around any name of the Lord) keeping me in the focus with total faith (in Guru and in achievement of the objective) is the fifth way and that only is known as Bhajan (the act of remembering Lord and connecting with Him) as explained in the Vedas. The sixth way is to keep control over senses, to remain polite and unagitated, to refrain from doing many things simultaneously or dividing attention and to remain engaged in duties and practices that saints do and suggest. The seventh is to develop an understanding that I only pervade in the entire visible world hence nothing should be taken as repulsive or condemnable as also to respect the saints even more than me i e they should be listened to and served keeping priority over what is done to get near Me. On eighth level is to be satisfied with what is gained in ordinary course, either for living or as reward against practices carried for spiritual advancement and to to stop seeing fault in others  and to remain absolutely non-critical of others (as their situation and background might not be entirely known). The ninth and the last is to treat all without  cunning, deceit or in a pompous manner and keep faith in Me without having any kind of remorse or uncalled for joy or to think highly about possessions or to feel inferior for not having something.

“The fact is that any one, be it a man or woman or other moving and stationery beings, whoever has command over any one of these nine ways is most dear to Me, O Great Lady, as for you, you have employed all these to achieve profound devotion towards Me. You must rest assured that what remains tough for Yogis to achieve as the final reward (even after observing strenuous regime of practices over long periods) is simply available to you (i e to have Darshan of the Lord).

“The rare and ultimate fruit of my Darshan for the Jeevas is to regain their own original real self (i e the realization that Lord and the Jeevas are basically same, that Jeeva is but a tiny part of the same consciousness which in totality is the Lord Himself).

“Now, O Respectable Lady, let us talk about the daughter of king Janak, you may tell whatever you know regarding her, O Lady, you walk gracefully like a beautiful elephant (and therefore have a capacity to catch through your senses what goes on far and wide in surroundings here).”
पंपा सरहि जाहु रघुराई। तहँ होइहि सुग्रीव मिताई।।
सो सब कहिहि देव रघुबीरा। जानतहूँ पूछहु मतिधीरा।।
बार बार प्रभु पद सिरु नाई। प्रेम सहित सब कथा सुनाई।।
छं0-कहि कथा सकल बिलोकि हरि मुख हृदयँ पद पंकज धरे।
तजि जोग पावक देह हरि पद लीन भइ जहँ नहिं फिरे।।
नर बिबिध कर्म अधर्म बहु मत सोकप्रद सब त्यागहू।
बिस्वास करि कह दास तुलसी राम पद अनुरागहू।।
दो0-जाति हीन अघ जन्म महि मुक्त कीन्हि असि नारि।
महामंद मन सुख चहसि ऐसे प्रभुहि बिसारि।।36।।

Shabari then told Shri Ram,”Raghuraj Ram, You may proceed towards Pampasar (a lake), there You and Sugreev (name of a king in exile) will become friends. He will be able to tell all about Sita. But why You, a person with stable and superior mind, ask me while You already know (about past, present and future being Almighty God).”

Not stopping at that, she related whole story to Shri Ram with pleasure while bowing down at His feet time and again.

Lastly narrating story, looking at face of the Lord and resting His feet on her bosom, Shabari burned her body in the fire lighted with her Yogic power and became merged with the feet of Lord (in form of ashes) from where she would never have to come back on earth by taking another birth. Tulsi, as a servant of the Lord, tells with all the confidence that all should develop love and liking for the feet of Shri Ram, the Lord, and leave interest in doing many different things for salvation and leave doing unrighteous things as well and stop searching for many other means and philosophies as that would all lead to sorrowful  state and dejection in the end hence to shunned beforehand.

Is it not that the Lord liberated a woman without a caste to name and whose birth on earth itself was result of sin (on account of previous lives lived wrongly); why then Tulsidas, you, with a dumb mind and heart, want to be happy and comfortable after forgetting such a Lord.

We have now covered up to Doha 36 Aranya Kand.


Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!

Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!

Sant Samaj Ko PranamI

Goswami Tilsidas Ki jai!



Krishna Khandelwal


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