Ramcharit Charcha DLXXVIII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Shri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

श्रीगणेशाय नमः
श्रीजानकीवल्लभो विजयते
चतुर्थ सोपान
( किष्किन्धाकाण्ड)
कुन्देन्दीवरसुन्दरावतिबलौ विज्ञानधामावुभौ
शोभाढ्यौ वरधन्विनौ श्रुतिनुतौ गोविप्रवृन्दप्रियौ।
मायामानुषरूपिणौ रघुवरौ सद्धर्मवर्मौं हितौ
सीतान्वेषणतत्परौ पथिगतौ भक्तिप्रदौ तौ हि नः।।1।।

The last post completed study of Aranya Kand, the third descent,  in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas; now we begin study of Kishkindha Kand, the fourth descent (Kishkindha is name of a forest region in south of India).

Tulsi begins it with Shlokas in praise of Lakshman and Shri Ram and says that they are as beautiful as the white flower and the blue lotus bud, they are most powerful and strong, are storehouse of intricate knowledge; both the great archers are very graceful, they are praised by Vedas and are most dear to cows, most attractive to our senses and to the entire body of intellectuals among Brahmins.

These great descendants of Raghu have appeared as humans by taking this form with help of the Maya (the same potency that the Lord directs to create this world) and are all for upholding the best of religious practices and the basic Dharma (the basic duties), they have friendly disposition towards all, they are now engaged in search of Sita hence walking on foot; may they grant us Bhakti (devotion) unto them.

ब्रह्माम्भोधिसमुद्भवं कलिमलप्रध्वंसनं चाव्ययं
श्रीमच्छम्भुमुखेन्दुसुन्दरवरे संशोभितं सर्वदा।
संसारामयभेषजं सुखकरं श्रीजानकीजीवनं
धन्यास्ते कृतिनः पिबन्ति सततं श्रीरामनामामृतम्।।2।।

Those are really blessed who drink the nectar that is the name itself of Shri Ram which is born out of the ocean containing the Brahman as the water i e the Vedas, which is able to destroy all evil found in Kaliyug, which is not expandable and can be availed as much desired, which remains always present in the moon-like beautiful mouth of Lord Shankar and increases its beauty, which is the sole remedy for the afflictions of the world, which is provider of all bliss and which is the very life of Janki Sita.

सो0-मुक्ति जन्म महि जानि ग्यान खानि अघ हानि कर
जहँ बस संभु भवानि सो कासी सेइअ कस न।।

The only place that can liberate one if one dies there after having been born on earth, where there is mine of that knowledge which can remove the effect of sins, where Lord Shankar and Bhagwati Parvati live, learning this why not live and serve in that Kashi (the city known as Varanasi).

जरत सकल सुर बृंद बिषम गरल जेहिं पान किय।
तेहि न भजसि मन मंद को कृपाल संकर सरिस।।

Tulsi says. “Lord Shiva drank the venom (produced by churning of ocean), to end the sufferings of gods on account of the fumes generated by it, why not, O my dumb mind, pray such Lord Shankar as there is none as gracious.”

आगें चले बहुरि रघुराया। रिष्यमूक परवत निअराया।।
तहँ रह सचिव सहित सुग्रीवा। आवत देखि अतुल बल सींवा।।
अति सभीत कह सुनु हनुमाना। पुरुष जुगल बल रूप निधाना।।
धरि बटु रूप देखु तैं जाई। कहेसु जानि जियँ सयन बुझाई।।
पठए बालि होहिं मन मैला। भागौं तुरत तजौं यह सैला।।
बिप्र रूप धरि कपि तहँ गयऊ। माथ नाइ पूछत अस भयऊ।।
को तुम्ह स्यामल गौर सरीरा। छत्री रूप फिरहु बन बीरा।।
कठिन भूमि कोमल पद गामी। कवन हेतु बिचरहु बन स्वामी।।
मृदुल मनोहर सुंदर गाता। सहत दुसह बन आतप बाता।।
की तुम्ह तीनि देव महँ कोऊ। नर नारायन की तुम्ह दोऊ।।
दो0-जग कारन तारन भव भंजन धरनी भार।
की तुम्ह अकिल भुवन पति लीन्ह मनुज अवतार।।1।।

Lord of Raghus then proceeded further (ahead of the spot where He met Muni Narad) and reached near the mountain called ‘Rishyamook’. On that hill Sugreeva, the exiled king of monkeys, lived together with his ministers. Sugreev noted the two persons who looked to be very strong and powerful, coming his side. Worried to death, he told Hanuman, “the pair of two gentlemen coming towards us posses great strength and look very charming too, if they have grudge against me and have been sent by Bali, my brother, then I will bolt away from this mountain too but first check out the reality under disguise of a young student and give me a signal from distance itself (Sugreev was living on hill as his brother who had exiled him was cursed to meet death if he visited Rishyamook mountain and it did not apply on Bali’s accomplices).”

Hanuman then disguised himself as a Brahmin and bowed down upon meeting the young princes before asking, “who are you two, one fair and the other dark in complexion, why you, the brave ones,are traversing here in form of warriors. O Masters, you have tender soles where as the earth here is uneven and difficult to walk on hence what makes you roam about here barefoot. Besides, your bodies are soft and charming and steal the heart of those who look at you; its strange enough that you suffer winds and heat in this forest region.

“By your looks I am confused and think that you two might well be from the trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh), mostly Mahesh who is fair and Vishnu who is dark leaving apart Brahma who is old. Tell me whether you are the legendary Nar and Narayan (the great sages representing the Jeeva and Ishwara).

“It might be well nigh possible that you are the same Lord of all universes who is responsible for the creation and also of liberation and has descended on earth as an avatar in human form to lighten the burden of earth (i e destroy demons).”

(Here we see that Hanuman showed his sharp intellect as he could deduce the reality even before the strangers could reply. This is the way of Gyan (knowledge) to identify God but even a Gyani has to progress in to becoming a Bhakta as we will see going ahead.)

We have now covered up to Doha 1 of Kishkindha Kand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Janki Vallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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