Ramcharit Charcha DLXXXI

II Shree Guruvey Namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

देखि पवन सुत पति अनुकूला। हृदयँ हरष बीती सब सूला।।
नाथ सैल पर कपिपति रहई। सो सुग्रीव दास तव अहई।।
तेहि सन नाथ मयत्री कीजे। दीन जानि तेहि अभय करीजे।।
सो सीता कर खोज कराइहि। जहँ तहँ मरकट कोटि पठाइहि।।
एहि बिधि सकल कथा समुझाई। लिए दुऔ जन पीठि चढ़ाई।।
जब सुग्रीवँ राम कहुँ देखा। अतिसय जन्म धन्य करि लेखा।।
सादर मिलेउ नाइ पद माथा। भैंटेउ अनुज सहित रघुनाथा।।
कपि कर मन बिचार एहि रीती। करिहहिं बिधि मो सन ए प्रीती।।
दो0-तब हनुमंत उभय दिसि की सब कथा सुनाइ।।
पावक साखी देइ करि जोरी प्रीती दृढ़ाइ।।4।।

We covered up to Doah 3 of Kishkindha Kand in Ramcharit Mans of Tulsidas in the last post and this is further to it.

The son of Pawan Devta (son of wind-god) Hanuman found his Lord and Master favorable and gracious towards himself, this filled his heart with joy and removed all pricking doubts. Hanuman told Shri Ram,”O Lord, on that hill lives the king of monkeys, his name is Sugreev, consider him to be your own servant; I wish You to develop friendship with him (Hanuman makes it plain here that the Supreme Lord has none above Him hence it is only right for him to make even servants His friends). He is right now in trouble and is helpless, in light of this kindly take him in Your shelter and make him fearless (Hanuman established here that surrendering to Lord and seeking refuse in Him is the only remedy for removal of fear).

“Sugreev will also be helping you in search of Sita by sending his monkeys who are numerous (Hanuman here revealed a secret here that when Sita, the embodiment of Bhakti, is lost, the Jeevas only can get Her to unite with Lord; it is through Bhakti (devotion) that Jeevas become worthy of Lord’s grace and reach Him).”

In this manner Hanuman related the whole story of his master Sugreev in a convincing way to Shri Ram and asked both brothers to climb on his own back enbling him take them up hill (here Hanuman displayed his immense power and put it at service of the Lord Shri Ram as well as subtly conveyed to Lakshman that as Sheshnag he might to holding the universes on his fangs and the Lord might be resting on him in the milky ocean along with Lakshmi, but he had power to hold even him (Lakshman) on his back; in this light Hanuman should be known to be more endowed than Lakshman).

When Sugreev saw Ram, he felt rewarded for the entire chain of births he had had so far (this is a natural effect and feeling after one has glimpse of the Lord; Hanuman served his master in the best way possible but in a way also became Guru of Sugreev, a Jeeva in distress). Sugreev met with the Lord of Raghus along with younger brother Lakshman respectfully and honorably (displaying courtesies apt for a king by another king, both had something in common i e had to leave their respective kingdoms; friendship develops fast in people with similar backgrounds, Jeeva and the Lord happen to have same background in reality). Sugreev though remained skeptical about the prospect of Shri Ram and Lakshman extending hand of friendship (this is a doubt we the Jeevas always have and think of ourselves as not worthy of Lord’s grace but that’s a misplaced fear).

At this stage Hanuman told the whole story about what had gone on in past in cases of both, Shri Ram and Sugreev (here Hanuman played the role of a Katha-vachak, the teller of stories covering both Jeevas and the avatars of the Lord, when these stories are absorbed the Jeeva, he knows the Lord better and becomes a greater devotee paving way for his acceptance as Bhakta by the Lord); Hanuman then sealed the friendship between Sugreev and Shri Ram before the fire lighted for this purpose (i e by lighting flame of desire for Lord by Jeeva and also observing custom of keeping fire as witness to promises made).

We have now covered up to Doha 4 of Kishkindha Kand,

Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj ko pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki jai!

krishna Khandelwal


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