Ramcharit Charcha DLXXXIII

II Shree Guruvai Namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram jai Jai Ram II

नात बालि अरु मैं द्वौ भाई। प्रीति रही कछु बरनि न जाई।।
मय सुत मायावी तेहि नाऊँ। आवा सो प्रभु हमरें गाऊँ।।
अर्ध राति पुर द्वार पुकारा। बाली रिपु बल सहै न पारा।।
धावा बालि देखि सो भागा। मैं पुनि गयउँ बंधु सँग लागा।।
गिरिबर गुहाँ पैठ सो जाई। तब बालीं मोहि कहा बुझाई।।
परिखेसु मोहि एक पखवारा। नहिं आवौं तब जानेसु मारा।।
मास दिवस तहँ रहेउँ खरारी। निसरी रुधिर धार तहँ भारी।।
बालि हतेसि मोहि मारिहि आई। सिला देइ तहँ चलेउँ पराई।।
मंत्रिन्ह पुर देखा बिनु साईं। दीन्हेउ मोहि राज बरिआई।।
बालि ताहि मारि गृह आवा। देखि मोहि जियँ भेद बढ़ावा।।
रिपु सम मोहि मारेसि अति भारी। हरि लीन्हेसि सर्बसु अरु नारी।।
ताकें भय रघुबीर कृपाला। सकल भुवन मैं फिरेउँ बिहाला।।
इहाँ साप बस आवत नाहीं। तदपि सभीत रहउँ मन माहीँ।।
सुनि सेवक दुख दीनदयाला। फरकि उठीं द्वै भुजा बिसाला।।
दो0- सुनु सुग्रीव मारिहउँ बालिहि एकहिं बान।
ब्रम्ह रुद्र सरनागत गएँ न उबरिहिं प्रान।।6।।

Prompted by Shri Ram, Sugreev began to tell his story, “O Lord, Bali and me are brothers and we had very intense love for each other. There was one demon by the name of Maya and his son was called Mayavi who once visited our place. It was middle of the night when Mayavi raised a challenging call in high pitch out side the gate of our city (Kishkindha). Bali could not ever stand an enemy showing his might hence he ran after Mayavi had started to run away seeing him coming; while they both were running I remained with Bali. Lastly Mayavi went in a mountain cave to hide and Bali at that moment told me explaining his intention to go after him and instructed me to wait for him for just a fortnight, past which to consider him dead (at the hand of Mayavi).

“O Kharari (the enemy of demon Khar), I had already stayed there waiting for him for an entire month but when I found that a big stream of blood flowed out of the cave, I concluded that Mayavi must have killed Bali and would come out to kill me too. Hence I put a big rock blocking mouth of the cave and ran back to save my own life. The minister got concerned about the city remaining without a ruler and forced me to become the king. In fact Bali had killed Mayavi and later came back home. Seeing me take over the kingdom he thought differently and began to alienate me so much that he started to see me as enemy and hurt me badly. Not stopping there, he took all that belonged to me and took away even my wife.

“Fearing him, O Gracious Raghuveer, I now roam about here and there in the entire region as a vagabond in distress. It is only on this hill-top that he doesn’t come because of a curse (Bali was cursed by Rishi Matang) and therefore I live here but carry fear of him in my heart.”

The Lord, who is always merciful for the weak and meek, took note of his servant’s distress and His both arms became restless (to do something for ending Sugreev’s trouble as well as to punish some one who had treated a woman wrongly rather than extending protection as an elder).

Shri Ram gave assurance to Sugreev saying, “Listen, O Sugreev, I am going to kill Bali with a single arrow; even if he goes to Brahma or to Rudra (Lord Shiv) seeking shelter, he will still not be able to save his life.”

(We should note here that while Bharat, a Bhakta, had been pressed to assume charge of Ayodhya with a greater justification, he refused to do so. Here Sugreev, like a Samsari – one who is mired in the muck of the world, did not resist the temptation; he should have logically concluded that a big stream of blood could not be just the blood of his brother who was like him only and only the huge body of the demon Mayavi could have produced it. This is problem with most, all of us see the turn of events in line with what we want. The Lord remains ready to help the weaker of similar two in their conflict when he pours his heart out before Him and renders his own services to Lord.)

We have now covered up to Doha 6 of Kishkindha Kand.


Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!

Shri Jankivallbho Vijayatey!

Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!

Goswami Tulsidas ki Jai!



Krishna Khandelwal



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