Ramcharit Charcha DLXXXIV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

जे न मित्र दुख होहिं दुखारी। तिन्हहि बिलोकत पातक भारी।।
निज दुख गिरि सम रज करि जाना। मित्रक दुख रज मेरु समाना।।
जिन्ह कें असि मति सहज न आई। ते सठ कत हठि करत मिताई।।
कुपथ निवारि सुपंथ चलावा। गुन प्रगटे अवगुनन्हि दुरावा।।
देत लेत मन संक न धरई। बल अनुमान सदा हित करई।।
बिपति काल कर सतगुन नेहा। श्रुति कह संत मित्र गुन एहा।।
आगें कह मृदु बचन बनाई। पाछें अनहित मन कुटिलाई।।
जा कर चित अहि गति सम भाई। अस कुमित्र परिहरेहि भलाई।।
सेवक सठ नृप कृपन कुनारी। कपटी मित्र सूल सम चारी।।
सखा सोच त्यागहु बल मोरें। सब बिधि घटब काज मैं तोरें।।

Shri Ram then further told Sugreev, “It is sinful to even look at some one who does not feel remorse when a friend is in trouble or unhappy on some account (such people should not be had company with). In fact mountain like big cause of own unhappiness should be treated like a small particle of dust but a tiny matter troubling a friend should be taken to be big (and tried to be helped about). Those who do not have this as their inherent trait, I wonder why should do they insist on becoming a friend of someone. A friend’s duty is to wean away the other friend from pursuing wrong path and should make effort to put him on right path. A good friend should also enhance and make known the good qualities in a friend while try to not let his faults be seen by others.

“It is also imperative for a friend to be open to give and take any kind of help, material or otherwise, without any reservation or doubt. Whatever be one’s capacity, it should be applied for welfare of a friend. In times of trouble and distress a friend should be shown love a hundred times more; this is how the Vedas define friendship and recount qualities of saints and good friends (while these are the qualities of a good friends towards each other, the same are the qualities of a saint who is a friend of all).

“It should never be the case that one apparently speak to a friend in pleasing manner using sweet words while planning things that harm him behind his back and keep grudges against him in heart. A friend whose heart and conscience is like a snake’s movement (snake turns direction very fast), who is a turn-coat and conceals venom, it is better to shun friendship of such a bad friend. A foolish servant, a miserly king, a vile woman and a cheater friend are like a thorn in back for whole life or so long as they have to be lived with.

“Friend, you may now stop worrying for anything at all; I intend to accomplish all that’s needed by you in all possible ways.”

(The Lord is best friend of Jeeva and Jeevas also should not be inclined to do any thing that wouldn’t please the Lord.)

कह सुग्रीव सुनहु रघुबीरा। बालि महाबल अति रनधीरा।।
दुंदुभी अस्थि ताल देखराए। बिनु प्रयास रघुनाथ ढहाए।।
देखि अमित बल बाढ़ी प्रीती। बालि बधब इन्ह भइ परतीती।।
बार बार नावइ पद सीसा। प्रभुहि जानि मन हरष कपीसा।।
उपजा ग्यान बचन तब बोला। नाथ कृपाँ मन भयउ अलोला।।
सुख संपति परिवार बड़ाई। सब परिहरि करिहउँ सेवकाई।।
ए सब रामभगति के बाधक। कहहिं संत तब पद अवराधक।।
सत्रु मित्र सुख दुख जग माहीं। माया कृत परमारथ नाहीं।।
बालि परम हित जासु प्रसादा। मिलेहु राम तुम्ह समन बिषादा।।
सपनें जेहि सन होइ लराई। जागें समुझत मन सकुचाई।।
अब प्रभु कृपा करहु एहि भाँती। सब तजि भजनु करौं दिन राती।।

Listening to words of commitment from Shri Ram as a friend, skeptical Sugreev wished to caution him and said, “O Raghuveer, just note that Bali’s strength is immense and he fights very patiently and with valor.”

Sugreev then showed him the massive bones of Dundubhi Rakshas (bother of Mayavi who was killed by Bali) and pointed at the palm trees around which had remain intact in spite of fierce fight there between two of great strength. Shri Ram cut all those trees with ease. Sugreev now was convinced that Shri Ram had immense power and therefore his love and respect for Him grew many fold and he could believe that Shri Ram was capable of slaying Bali. Sugreev then put his head at the feet of Shri Ram time and again, he now knew that Shri Ram was in fact the Supreme Lord (because no other person had more power than Bali) and Sugreev, the king of monkeys, now felt delighted in heart. He was now enlightened and said, “Lord, its your grace that my heart has become peaceful and without agitation. I now have nothing to do with pleasures, fame, riches and family too and would only want to serve You. All these things are obstacles in path of devotion to You, Shri Ram You are the Lord. This has been very well concluded and told by the saints who remain engaged in praying You.

“Pleasure and pain, friend and enemy etc in the world are just illusory due to effect of Maya while in reality these have no value as ultimate reality. I thought Bali was an enemy but he turned out to be most friendly and a real benefactor; it is only because of him that I have met and known You, O Ram, you are the only one who really mitigates sorrows and troubles. Someone fighting with some other in dream when wakes up he only feels disgruntled in heart about the fight.

“I request, Lord, that You be kind and helpful in such a way that I shun every thing (worldly) and remember and pray You all the day and all the night.”

(Sugreev is a typical case representing us all. We too at times have a good idea about the God and about his unlimited capacity. We too feel very comforted with this knowledge and become convinced about the futility of the world and uselessness of its business. At this moment we tend be calm and ready to worship and serve Him. But does this wisdom stay with us, no it does not because our minds still remain fickle. Only by constant practices of worship and continued remembrance of the Lord we may have such thoughts permanently established and find eternal peace.)

सुनि बिराग संजुत कपि बानी। बोले बिहँसि रामु धनुपानी।।
जो कछु कहेहु सत्य सब सोई। सखा बचन मम मृषा न होई।।
नट मरकट इव सबहि नचावत। रामु खगेस बेद अस गावत।।
लै सुग्रीव संग रघुनाथा। चले चाप सायक गहि हाथा।।
तब रघुपति सुग्रीव पठावा। गर्जेसि जाइ निकट बल पावा।।
सुनत बालि क्रोधातुर धावा। गहि कर चरन नारि समुझावा।।
सुनु पति जिन्हहि मिलेउ सुग्रीवा। ते द्वौ बंधु तेज बल सींवा।।
कोसलेस सुत लछिमन रामा। कालहु जीति सकहिं संग्रामा।।
दो0-कह बालि सुनु भीरु प्रिय समदरसी रघुनाथ।
जौं कदाचि मोहि मारहिं तौ पुनि होउँ सनाथ।।7।।

Shri Ram, holding bow in His hand, smiled after listening to the talk of the monkey (whose nature is to be excessively active and keep changing poses) which was laced with dispassion and said, “What you told is entirely true but My Friend, the word given by me will not be and can’t be untrue.”

Kabhushundi told Garuda, “O Khagesh, the king birds, know it well that Shri Ram, the Lord, makes all dance like a money as their trainer i e like their master, this is how Vedas explain.”

Now taking Sugreev along, Raghunath Shri Ram began to leave from there while He held bow and arrow in hand. Shri Ram then sent forth Surgreev alone up on sighting Bali. Sugreev roared getting near Bali as he had felt stronger after meeting the Lord. This roaring sound angered Bali, made him feel uneasy  and rush for action; at this very moment his wife grabbed his feet and stopped him and advised, “O Master, whom Sugreev has met, those two brothers represent the limit of strength and power, they are sons of King of Kaushala and are known as Lakshman and Ram; it is believed that they can even defeat the lord of time (she like an intelligent person could have glimpse about who they might really be).”

Bali then retorted, “Listen my dear, you are nervous and timid, it is said that Raghunath looks at all evenly (i e without favor) and if by any chance He would kill me, it is only going to provide me with a master, with a savior (Bali also revealed his own wisdom and gave inkling that he too was not unaware of the reality of the two and saw his benefit even in his death at the hand of the Lord).”

We have now covered up to Doha 7 of Kishkindha Kand.


Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!

Shri Janki Vallabho Vijayatey!

Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!

Goswami Tulsidas ki jai!



Krishna Khandelwal



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