Ramcharit Charcha DLV

II Shree Guruvey Namahi II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

अनुज क्रिया करि सागर तीरा। कहि निज कथा सुनहु कपि बीरा।।
हम द्वौ बंधु प्रथम तरुनाई । गगन गए रबि निकट उडाई।।
तेज न सहि सक सो फिरि आवा । मै अभिमानी रबि निअरावा ।।
जरे पंख अति तेज अपारा । परेउँ भूमि करि घोर चिकारा ।।
मुनि एक नाम चंद्रमा ओही। लागी दया देखी करि मोही।।
बहु प्रकार तेंहि ग्यान सुनावा । देहि जनित अभिमानी छड़ावा ।।
त्रेताँ ब्रह्म मनुज तनु धरिही। तासु नारि निसिचर पति हरिही।।
तासु खोज पठइहि प्रभू दूता। तिन्हहि मिलें तैं होब पुनीता।।
जमिहहिं पंख करसि जनि चिंता । तिन्हहि देखाइ देहेसु तैं सीता।।
मुनि कइ गिरा सत्य भइ आजू । सुनि मम बचन करहु प्रभु काजू।।
गिरि त्रिकूट ऊपर बस लंका । तहँ रह रावन सहज असंका ।।
तहँ असोक उपबन जहँ रहई ।। सीता बैठि सोच रत अहई।।
दो-मैं देखउँ तुम्ह नाहि गीघहि दष्टि अपार।।
बूढ भयउँ न त करतेउँ कछुक सहाय तुम्हार।।28।।

We covered up to Doha 27 of Kishkindha Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and this is further to it.

Sampati, when at the sea shore, performed the last rites for sake of his younger brother Jatayu and then sought attention of the brave monkeys to tell his side of story. He said, “We, the two brothers, once when young decided to fly in direction of sun to reach near it. Jatayu, going some distance,could not stand the excessive heat and light emanating from sun up on getting nearer it and returned. I had stubbornness and excess of pride in my temperament and therefore kept flying nearer the sun; in the process I had my wings burned because of the unbearable heat of the sun. I then fell to the ground and cried vehemently. Later I happened to meet a Muni by name of Chandrama; he felt pity on me when he looked at my condition (that pride had stolen basic strength of flying high and to look for food and that was pricking twice over, through hurt of ego and through hunger). That Muni taught me and gave sermons imparting some basic knowledge that made me get over the body related false identity (i e that body which is not self has limitations and is not useful in all circumstances and should be used as an instrument in service of the Lord with whatever it can do and not staked to pamper own ego).”

Sampati further said, “The Muni also told me that in the Treta Yug (the age after Sat Yug), the Brahman i e the Supreme Lord, would descend on earth and assume a human form, and the king of demons Ravan will steal his spouse (Sita); in search of Her, the Lord will send messengers. Muni told me also that when I will come across that group of messengers, I will become pure again and my wings will grow back hence I was not to worry on that account and wait patiently. He also instructed me to show the messengers the way leading to Sita. The Muni’s prediction has come true today and taking my words as true you all must accomplish the job entrusted to you by the Lord. Across the sea there is a hill called Trikoot over which there is a city called Lanka, it is there that Ravan resides without any kind of fear or doubt. Sitting in a worrisome state and in very sad mood, Sita would be found in a place there called Ashokvan (the garden of Ashoka trees though name of trees suggests ‘no sadness or worry’ yet for Sita it is reverse; away from Lord there in nothing that can make her happy or any one else happy).”

Sampati concluded by telling monkeys, “I have vision of a vulture which can look easily at things at extreme far distance which quality you do not posses. I have now become old otherwise would have helped you directly in some ways.”

We have now covered up to Doha 28 of Kishkindha Kand.

जो नाघइ सत जोजन सागर । करइ सो राम काज मति आगर ।।
मोहि बिलोकि धरहु मन धीरा । राम कृपाँ कस भयउ सरीरा।।
पापिउ जा कर नाम सुमिरहीं। अति अपार भवसागर तरहीं।।
तासु दूत तुम्ह तजि कदराई। राम हृदयँ धरि करहु उपाई।।
अस कहि गरुड़ गीध जब गयऊ। तिन्ह कें मन अति बिसमय भयऊ।।
निज निज बल सब काहूँ भाषा। पार जाइ कर संसय राखा।।
जरठ भयउँ अब कहइ रिछेसा। नहिं तन रहा प्रथम बल लेसा।।
जबहिं त्रिबिक्रम भए खरारी। तब मैं तरुन रहेउँ बल भारी।।
दो0-बलि बाँधत प्रभु बाढेउ सो तनु बरनि न जाई।
उभय धरी महँ दीन्ही सात प्रदच्छिन धाइ।।29।।

Sampati gave the monkeys some clue by saying, “Who ever would be able to cross the hundred Yojanas (standard stretches of about two and a half miles each) long sea by jumping over it, that very person of sound intellect would be the one to accomplish the assigned task of Shri Ram (here the message is that strong body and sound mind both are helpful in the process of discovery of Sita, the Bhakti; the spiritual seekers should not therefore postpone to achieve devotional goal in life).

“Just patiently look at me, the mercy of the Lord has made my body regain its lost strength (some times those who miss chance early in life should not be discouraged as the Lord’s kindness gives them the lost strength later in life too). By chanting whose name even the sinners get across the ocean of the world which is indeed difficult to negotiate, you all are His messengers hence shunning all kind of cowardice and keeping the image of Ram, the Lord, in your heart find ways and means to do what you must do.”

Kaakbhushundi said, “O Garuda, when the vulture went away, the group of monkeys became amazed and looked askance at each other. All of them recounted their own strength but none could be sure of being able to go across the ocean. At this stage the old great bear Jambvan said that he had become aged and did not have even the trace of the kind of strength he earlier had. He recalled the time when he was young having much strength and the killer of demon Khar i e Shri Ram, the Lord, happened to take Vaman avatar as Trivikram (the one who had measured in two steps this world and the other world but could not find a place to take his third step).”

Jamvan said “It was then the Lord had taken promise from Raja Bali (to be allowed to have all that His three steps could measure) and had expended His body in non-describable dimensions but I was able to quickly go round Him seven times in just a couple of Gharis i e in about three and half hours (the prime time of ones’ life must be put to best use as once gone it may not come back).”

We have now covered up to Doha 29 of Kishkindha Kand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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