Ramcharit Charcha DLVI

II Shree Guruvey Namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

अंगद कहइ जाउँ मैं पारा। जियँ संसय कछु फिरती बारा।।
जामवंत कह तुम्ह सब लायक। पठइअ किमि सब ही कर नायक।।
कहइ रीछपति सुनु हनुमाना। का चुप साधि रहेहु बलवाना।।
पवन तनय बल पवन समाना। बुधि बिबेक बिग्यान निधाना।।
कवन सो काज कठिन जग माहीं। जो नहिं होइ तात तुम्ह पाहीं।।
राम काज लगि तब अवतारा। सुनतहिं भयउ पर्वताकारा।।
कनक बरन तन तेज बिराजा। मानहु अपर गिरिन्ह कर राजा।।
सिंहनाद करि बारहिं बारा। लीलहीं नाषउँ जलनिधि खारा।।
सहित सहाय रावनहि मारी। आनउँ इहाँ त्रिकूट उपारी।।
जामवंत मैं पूँछउँ तोही। उचित सिखावनु दीजहु मोही।।
एतना करहु तात तुम्ह जाई। सीतहि देखि कहहु सुधि आई।।
तब निज भुज बल राजिव नैना। कौतुक लागि संग कपि सेना।।

We covered up to Doha 29 of Kishkindha Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and this is further to it.

After many spoke of their respective strengths without claiming to be able to cross the sea, Angad, the young prince of Kishindha, said that he might well get across the sea but was unsure of making it back (as he might have thought that he would be too tired after once crossing the sea). Reacting to what Angad said, Jamvant, the aged and experienced member of the team (the age automatically places some responsibility and vests authority in difficult circumstances), said, “there is no doubt that you are capable of performing this feat (giving all a dose of confidence), but you happen to be the leader of the team hence could not allowed to be the first to attempt it (this way Jamvant let Angad enjoy confidence of team, an important factor in keeping the spirits high).”

Jamvant, the great bear, then addressed Hanuman and said, “Listen O Hanuman, why are you keeping quiet, you are brave enough to undertake this task. You are son of Pawan, the wind god, and have strength equal to him, besides you are known to be rich in intelligence and discretion and also have special kind of knowledge, spiritually and technically. There is nothing in this world that is difficult for you to achieve and accomplish successfully (i e for those who have both, physical as well as spiritual strength, can surmount any type of difficulties). Don’t you remember that you have come down as an avatar (of Lord Shiv) only to serve the cause of Ram, the Lord of Universe.”

These words of Jamvant made Hanuman recall all concerning himself and he grew in size as much big as a mountain (Hanuman had been cursed to forget about his real strength until some one reminded him; also no body should be relying on own strength and assess himself bigly about what kind of strength he possesses unless an elder who has watched him from close quarters confirms, particularly in extra-ordinary circumstances). His body of golden hue looked very glowing and strong and he seemed to be the king of the mountains standing nearby. Now Hanuman roared like a lion and repeatedly announced that he could playfully go across the sea and that he could kill Ravan along with his protectors, and he could bring back the whole Trikoot hill dislodging it from the earth itself (where Ravan was said to be enjoying trouble free existence).

Hanuman, the wise monkey, stopped short of acting rashly and sought Jamvant’s balanced opinion and guidance (as all the younger people should do and first seek blessings and valuable advice of elders before embarking on any hugely important expeditions). Jamvant then told Hanuman, “you must only find the whereabouts of Sita there, see her and come back. Later our Lord, the lotus eyed one, will bring her back using the strength of His own arms keeping the army of monkeys as helpers just for fun etc. (Jamvant warned, this way,  the man in front to refrain from going beyond the brief, such actions might potentially belittle the chances of what is intended to be really accomplish by the leader).”.

छं0–कपि सेन संग सँघारि निसिचर रामु सीतहि आनिहैं।
त्रैलोक पावन सुजसु सुर मुनि नारदादि बखानिहैं।।
जो सुनत गावत कहत समुझत परम पद नर पावई।
रघुबीर पद पाथोज मधुकर दास तुलसी गावई।।

Jamvant concluded saying, “Taking help of the army of monkeys, Ram, the Lord, will finish the demons and will bring back Sita. The glorious acts of the Lord that can sanctify the three worlds will be recounted and his glories will be sung by gods and the Munis like Narad. Who ever would listen to these accounts of Lord’s Leelas and will sing before others duly understanding the hidden message will be able to reach the exalted position i e the state of Nirvana. Tulsidas says that he too is happy to sing it being a bee of the lotus feet of the Raghuveer Shri Ram therefore.

दो0-भव भेषज रघुनाथ जसु सुनहि जे नर अरु नारि।
तिन्ह कर सकल मनोरथ सिद्ध करिहि त्रिसिरारि।।30(क)।।
सो0-नीलोत्पल तन स्याम काम कोटि सोभा अधिक।
सुनिअ तासु गुन ग्राम जासु नाम अघ खग बधिक।।30(ख)।।


मासपारायण, तेईसवाँ विश्राम
इति श्रीमद्रामचरितमानसे सकलकलिकलुषविध्वंसने
चतुर्थ सोपानः समाप्तः।
(किष्किन्धाकाण्ड समाप्त)

The praiseworthy accounts of Shri Ram’s Leelas work like medicine for the afflictions of the world, and the listeners are provided with whatever is yearned for, by Shri Ram, the enemy of Trishira.

Shri Ram’s body is blue like the Neelotpal (blue lotus) which is million times more beautiful than the Cupid. Let us all listen to the divine qualities of that Lord Shri Ram, whose name itself is known to be the killer of birds of sins.

We have now covered up to Doha 30, the last one, of Kishkindha Kand.

It is now twenty third rest for month long recital also of the fourth descent of the Ramcharit Manas which ends all the contamination and corruption of the Kaliyug.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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