Ramcharit Charcha DLXXII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

त्रिजटा नाम राच्छसी एका। राम चरन रति निपुन बिबेका।।
सबन्हौ बोलि सुनाएसि सपना। सीतहि सेइ करहु हित अपना।।
सपनें बानर लंका जारी। जातुधान सेना सब मारी।।
खर आरूढ़ नगन दससीसा। मुंडित सिर खंडित भुज बीसा।।
एहि बिधि सो दच्छिन दिसि जाई। लंका मनहुँ बिभीषन पाई।।
नगर फिरी रघुबीर दोहाई। तब प्रभु सीता बोलि पठाई।।
यह सपना में कहउँ पुकारी। होइहि सत्य गएँ दिन चारी।।
तासु बचन सुनि ते सब डरीं। जनकसुता के चरनन्हि परीं।।
दो0-जहँ तहँ गईं सकल तब सीता कर मन सोच।
मास दिवस बीतें मोहि मारिहि निसिचर पोच।।11।।

We covered up to Doha 10 of Sundar Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and this is further to it.

Among the women entrusted with job of intimidating Sita there was one called Trijata (she is believed to be daughter of Vibhishan); she happened to have affection for Lord Shri Ram’s feet and was expert in carrying out the tasks assigned to her but also had discretion and understanding of right and wrong. She called everyone’s attention and told them what she had seen in her dream. She said, “All of you must serve Sita (and not trouble her), I have seen in my dream that a monkey burnt down Lanka, all the army of demons has been killed; I have also seen Ravan, the ten-headed one, astride a pony, totally naked,head shaven and his twenty arms cut off. In this condition he was going in the direction of south (south is supposed to be the direction where Yama, the god of death, lives).”

“It seemed to me that Vibhishan had accessed to throne of Lanka and the whole city reverberated with shouts hailing Shri Ram celebrating his win with loud beating of drum. The Lord then asked for Sita to be brought to him. I declare to you all that this dream of mine is only going to be true with in a matter of days.”

(Those with spiritual strength and devotion for the Lord have inkling about the coming events, Trijata was one such person though in a wrong place.)

The words of Trijata had impact on all (as her Ajna Chakra might have been awakened which gives one power to make others follow their advice). The group of the vicious women then fell at the feet of Sita (such people hardly have courage to face danger to themselves, when their savior was to meet a total ruin, their fear made them surrender easily).

All of them left Sita and went to places of their choice but Sita thought that if she was going to be killed by that lowly barbarian after a month only then this period of separation from Shri Ram is going to be very agonizing to her.

We have now covered up to Doha 11 of Sundar Kand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki jai!
Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Sant Samaj ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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