Ramcharit Charcha DLXXV

II Shree Guruvey Namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

हरिजन जानि प्रीति अति गाढ़ी। सजल नयन पुलकावलि बाढ़ी।।
बूड़त बिरह जलधि हनुमाना। भयउ तात मों कहुँ जलजाना।।
अब कहु कुसल जाउँ बलिहारी। अनुज सहित सुख भवन खरारी।।
कोमलचित कृपाल रघुराई। कपि केहि हेतु धरी निठुराई।।
सहज बानि सेवक सुख दायक। कबहुँक सुरति करत रघुनायक।।
कबहुँ नयन मम सीतल ताता। होइहहि निरखि स्याम मृदु गाता।।
बचनु न आव नयन भरे बारी। अहह नाथ हौं निपट बिसारी।।
देखि परम बिरहाकुल सीता। बोला कपि मृदु बचन बिनीता।।
मातु कुसल प्रभु अनुज समेता। तव दुख दुखी सुकृपा निकेता।।
जनि जननी मानहु जियँ ऊना। तुम्ह ते प्रेमु राम कें दूना।।
दो0-रघुपति कर संदेसु अब सुनु जननी धरि धीर।
अस कहि कपि गद गद भयउ भरे बिलोचन नीर।।14।।

We covered up to Doha 13 of Sundar Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and this is further to it.

After Sita was convinced that whom she had in front of her was none other than a Harijan, a servant of the Lord, and now she had a lot more affection for Hanuman. Tears started flowing from her eyes and she was all the more overwhelmed. She expressed herself saying, “O Hanuman, i was drowning in the ocean of separation induced pangs but you have appeared as a ship giving me hope, Son. I now accept dependence on you, you may tell me the welfare of Shri Ram who is the enemy of Khar and the center of bliss and also of His younger brother Lakshman. Raghuraj Shri Ram, the merciful one, is known to have a very tender heart and disposition, why then He has assumed such a hard posture (that He has not so far taken trouble to rescue me).

“He has a natural inclination and that is to comfort and care for His Bhaktas and servants. Does Shri Ram, the first among Raghus, remember me sometimes. Will I ever be able to cool down my burning eyes by having an eyeful glimpse of His soft swarthy body?”

Sita then was unable to speak; her eyes were full with tears but she lastly uttered, “Ahh, it seems my Lord and master has totally forgotten me.”

Finding Sita intensely anguished for being away from Lord, Hanuman, the monkey, said politely and in soft sweet words, “Mother Sita, the Lord and His younger brother, both are well and safe but the most gracious Lord is very disturbed on account of your troubles and distress. You must not, O Mother of Mine, for a moment even think yourself as helpless and left alone; the fact is that Shri Ram loves you twice as much as you love Him (Hanuman reminded her the fact that Lord’s love for the Bhakta increases doubly in proportion to Bhakt’s love for Him).

Hanuman became very very emotional and overwhelmed immediate after he uttered words,”Now, O Mother, you must keep total faith and very patiently listen to the message of RaghuPati Shri Ram.”

We have now covered up to Doha 14 of Sundar Kand.


Bahavani Shankar ki Jai!

Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!

Pawansut Hanuman Ki Jai!

Sant Samaj Kp Pranam!

Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!


krishna Khandelwal


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