Ramcharit Charcha DCII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

बुध पुरान श्रुति संमत बानी। कही बिभीषन नीति बखानी।।
सुनत दसानन उठा रिसाई। खल तोहि निकट मुत्यु अब आई।।
जिअसि सदा सठ मोर जिआवा। रिपु कर पच्छ मूढ़ तोहि भावा।।
कहसि न खल अस को जग माहीं। भुज बल जाहि जिता मैं नाही।।
मम पुर बसि तपसिन्ह पर प्रीती। सठ मिलु जाइ तिन्हहि कहु नीती।।
अस कहि कीन्हेसि चरन प्रहारा। अनुज गहे पद बारहिं बारा।।
उमा संत कइ इहइ बड़ाई। मंद करत जो करइ भलाई।।
तुम्ह पितु सरिस भलेहिं मोहि मारा। रामु भजें हित नाथ तुम्हारा।।
सचिव संग लै नभ पथ गयऊ। सबहि सुनाइ कहत अस भयऊ।।
दो0=रामु सत्यसंकल्प प्रभु सभा कालबस तोरि।
मै रघुबीर सरन अब जाउँ देहु जनि खोरि।।41।।

We covered up to Doha 40 of Sundar Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and this is further to it.

Though Vibhishan told Ravan all those finer points of Niti (policy) which would find endorsement from the wise as well as mention in the Puranas and the Vedas too (which are taken as final word) yet Dashanan Ravan got up much angered and said, “O Rascal, it seems your end has come near; you have lived always with my support and have enjoyed life because I let you enjoy, O Stupid. Now, you, a dimwit, find the stand of my enemy as good. Why don’t you, O Fool, tell who is left to be won over by the might of my arms.

“You live in my kingdom but have affection for those ascetics, why not then you, a dumb fellow, go and join them and tell what is right policy to follow.”

Saying so (and abusing Vibhishan in every sentence) Ravan hit Vibhishan with his foot but Vibhishan, the younger brother, on the contrary kept trying to hold his feet showing reverence. Lord Shiv tells Parvati at this point, “O Uma, this is way of saints (which is appreciated all over) that they wish to ensure welfare of also those who treat them horribly (their intention remains to extend positive help even to those who hurt them and belittle them).”

At last Vibhishan could only say, “You have hit me (and I take no offence) as I hold you no less than my father but I would still say, O Master, that your well-being and your real interest lies only in adoring and worshiping Lord Ram.” With these words Vibhishan left along with his confidant taking sky route and telling loudly for everyone to listen also, “Ram is the same Lord who is ever resolved to uphold truth while your entire court is now in grip of death (for siding with what is against the essence of truth); I am leaving you and going to seek shelter under Rabhveer Shri Ram, you must not ever blame me for this in future (the worldly providers may go against any time, the real protection comes from only the Lord).”

We have now covered up to Doha 41 of Sundar Kand.


Bhavani Shankar Ki jai!

Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!

Pawansut Hanuman Ki Jai!

Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!

Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!



Krishna Khandelwal


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