Ramcharit Charcha DCIX

II Shree Guruvey namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

लछिमन बान सरासन आनू। सोषौं बारिधि बिसिख कृसानू।।
सठ सन बिनय कुटिल सन प्रीती। सहज कृपन सन सुंदर नीती।।
ममता रत सन ग्यान कहानी। अति लोभी सन बिरति बखानी।।
क्रोधिहि सम कामिहि हरि कथा। ऊसर बीज बएँ फल जथा।।
अस कहि रघुपति चाप चढ़ावा। यह मत लछिमन के मन भावा।।
संघानेउ प्रभु बिसिख कराला। उठी उदधि उर अंतर ज्वाला।।
मकर उरग झष गन अकुलाने। जरत जंतु जलनिधि जब जाने।।
कनक थार भरि मनि गन नाना। बिप्र रूप आयउ तजि माना।।
दो0-काटेहिं पइ कदरी फरइ कोटि जतन कोउ सींच।
बिनय न मान खगेस सुनु डाटेहिं पइ नव नीच।।58।।

We covered up to Doha 57 of Sundar Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and this is further to it.

When the appeal to the ocean by Shri Ram did not yield result, Shri Ram called out to Lakshman (who had earlier suggested to the Lord to dry up the ocean by His anger and had been assured by Lord to keep patience till the softer option was tried out as was suggested by Vibhishan) to bring the bow to enable Him to dry up the ocean with fire oozing arrow. Shri Ram then addressed all his people present there and said,”it is futile to appeal a stubborn fool to see reason, as it is futile to expect that an skewed person will see reason while being treated politely and lovingly. It is also futile to teach a natural miser to adopt magnanimity as policy, similarly those who are mired in selfish or blind affection won’t listen to call of wisdom and a person too greedy will never ever be made to understand virtues of detachment and dispassion. It is also futile to make an attempt to pacify an angry person and make him see things with equanimity or to make someone lustfully craving to listen to the stories of Lord Hari (which always turns lower desires for mundane pleasure in to higher desires of loving the Lord). In fact all such attempts go waste like sowing seeds in barren land.”

Concluding thus, Shri Ram brought the bow in readiness, Lakshman relished very much the action and approach of the Lord. When a deadly arrow was put on the bow by the Lord, it resulted in a big razing blaze in the very heart of the ocean; it made the crocodiles, snakes and swarms of fishes cringe and cower. The realization that the animals within the ocean were now burning the ocean assumed the form of a Brahmin and shedding all arrogance promptly appeared before the Lord.

Kakbhushindi at this stage told Garuda, “The big leave plantain does not fructify though watered regularly until the time it is cut and pruned, O King of Birds, similarly the a lowly and uncultured person does not care for soft approaches and rather bends his arrogant self only when is scolded and feels threatened,”

This covers up to Doha 58 of Sundar Kand.

सभय सिंधु गहि पद प्रभु केरे। छमहु नाथ सब अवगुन मेरे।।
गगन समीर अनल जल धरनी। इन्ह कइ नाथ सहज जड़ करनी।।
तव प्रेरित मायाँ उपजाए। सृष्टि हेतु सब ग्रंथनि गाए।।
प्रभु आयसु जेहि कहँ जस अहई। सो तेहि भाँति रहे सुख लहई।।
प्रभु भल कीन्ही मोहि सिख दीन्ही। मरजादा पुनि तुम्हरी कीन्ही।।
ढोल गवाँर सूद्र पसु नारी। सकल ताड़ना के अधिकारी।।
प्रभु प्रताप मैं जाब सुखाई। उतरिहि कटकु न मोरि बड़ाई।।
प्रभु अग्या अपेल श्रुति गाई। करौं सो बेगि जौ तुम्हहि सोहाई।।
दो0-सुनत बिनीत बचन अति कह कृपाल मुसुकाइ।
जेहि बिधि उतरै कपि कटकु तात सो कहहु उपाइ।।59।।

Seeing Shri Ram angered and upset at the prospect of creatures living in its depths becoming extinct (the noble worry first for the dependents and for self), the ocean, now in form of a Brahmin, grabbed the feet of the Lord and said, “O Master, kindly pardon me for all my faults but the fact of the matter is that five elements of creation namely sky, air, fire, water and earth are by their very nature inert (i e without any freedom to act on their own); the same are created by Mayic power (the creative power which acts totally as per His will) only for the purpose of bringing this visible world in to existence. However it is only the command of the Lord, specific to each one, which when followed keeps them in a happy state. Lord, you have only been kind in reminding me of the lesson I must always remember but I remained unmoved due to discipline cast for me from Your side only.

“Drums are to be beaten for making sound, a rustic has to be taught to behave rightly, those engaged in service need to be explained how to serve, an animal has to be trained first before it becomes useful and a women has to be kept in sight for her safety; kindly look at me with these principle facts in mind. As for me I am all prepared for getting dried up by influence of Your glorious might and you army will get across, in this I claim no praise or draw satisfaction for being of service to you. The Vedas do declare that the command or will of the Lord can never be flouted hence I am ready to do whatever will please You.”

Listening such humble utterance of ocean the merciful Lord said smilingly, “O Taat (elder, Shri Ram considered it so because it was brought in to existence by His ancestor King Sagar), kindly tell me some means by which this army of monkeys may get across.”

(It may be understood here that matter also has mind but it is placed in a different kind of discipline by nature which is entrusted by Lord to carry out His own will. The Lord thought that He was only going to rescue Sita, the inseparable creative power of His own, hence the water body known as ocean should value His humble request, forgetting for a while that as an element it has a certain obligation to discharge in line with what is basically expected of it. Lord also got reminded of the fact that in His present avatar as Ram, the scion of Raghuvansh, he was not to exercise his supranatural powers. The Lord also gave message that while one may posses punitive power to get others fall in line, it should not be used first; it should only be persuasive soft-approach initially.)

We have now covered up to Doha 59 of Sundar Kand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!
Pawansut Hanuman Ki Jai!
Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas ki Jai!

Krsishna Khandelwal


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