Ramcharit Charha DCXVI

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Sjri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram jai Jai Ram II

निज बिकलता बिचारि बहोरी। बिहँसि गयउ ग्रह करि भय भोरी।।
मंदोदरीं सुन्यो प्रभु आयो। कौतुकहीं पाथोधि बँधायो।।
कर गहि पतिहि भवन निज आनी। बोली परम मनोहर बानी।।
चरन नाइ सिरु अंचलु रोपा। सुनहु बचन पिय परिहरि कोपा।।
नाथ बयरु कीजे ताही सों। बुधि बल सकिअ जीति जाही सों।।
तुम्हहि रघुपतिहि अंतर कैसा। खलु खद्योत दिनकरहि जैसा।।
अतिबल मधु कैटभ जेहिं मारे। महाबीर दितिसुत संघारे।।
जेहिं बलि बाँधि सहजभुज मारा। सोइ अवतरेउ हरन महि भारा।।
तासु बिरोध न कीजिअ नाथा। काल करम जिव जाकें हाथा।।
दो0-रामहि सौपि जानकी नाइ कमल पद माथ।
सुत कहुँ राज समर्पि बन जाइ भजिअ रघुनाथ।।6।।

We covered up to Doha 5 of Lanka Kand in Ramharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and this is further to it.

Ravan, though aware of the cause of his discomfiture (after learning of the impossible feat that could only be possible with divine help and not just by efforts of humans and monkeys) still laughed and left for living quarters forgetting his fears for a while. Mandodari, also learnt of the arrival of the Lord after having the bridge put in place as a matter of play. She grabbed the hand of her husband and took him to the section of palace meant exclusively for her use; she then addressed Ravan in her most endearing tone of voice but only after bowing down at his feet and spreading loose end of her garment (as if begging for some thing).

Mandodari said to Ravan, “Listen O’ Darling, but without being angry. O Master, you must invite animosity only against someone whom you can defeat with your intellectual power. Now the disparity between you and the guardian of Raghus (i e Shri Ram) seems to be as much as between the sun and the blinking insect.

“He is the same one who killed mighty Madhu and Kaitabh (the demons), killed bravest Hirankashipu and Hiranyaksha (the sons of Diti and known as Daityas). He is the same one who tied Raja Bali (also a Daitya) and Him only killed the thousand armed Sahatrabahu (she is referring here to earlier avatars of the Lord). It is that Lord only who has taken avatar as Shri Ram to lighten the burden of earth (which is reeling under unspeakable excesses of the demonic forces once again).

“My lord, you must not come in conflict with such a one who has control over time i e death, who punishes and rewards for Karmas and is the source of the spark of life for the beings at large.

“You must, in this light soberly return Sita to Shri Ram with your forehead bowing down reverentially at His lotus feet. Also as you are ripe in age, you may hand over reins of kingdom to your son and proceed to jungle for the worship of Raghunath Shri Ram, the Lord.”

This is up to Doha 6 of Lanka Kand.

नाथ दीनदयाल रघुराई। बाघउ सनमुख गएँ न खाई।।
चाहिअ करन सो सब करि बीते। तुम्ह सुर असुर चराचर जीते।।
संत कहहिं असि नीति दसानन। चौथेंपन जाइहि नृप कानन।।
तासु भजन कीजिअ तहँ भर्ता। जो कर्ता पालक संहर्ता।।
सोइ रघुवीर प्रनत अनुरागी। भजहु नाथ ममता सब त्यागी।।
मुनिबर जतनु करहिं जेहि लागी। भूप राजु तजि होहिं बिरागी।।
सोइ कोसलधीस रघुराया। आयउ करन तोहि पर दाया।।
जौं पिय मानहु मोर सिखावन। सुजसु होइ तिहुँ पुर अति पावन।।
दो0-अस कहि नयन नीर भरि गहि पद कंपित गात।
नाथ भजहु रघुनाथहि अचल होइ अहिवात।।7।।

Mandodari continued, “O master, Raghuraj Shri Ram is known to be on the side of meek and weak, the one who goes in front of a lion calmly and quietly, the lion does devour him. Whatever was there for you to accomplish has already been done by you. You wished to win over the gods and the demons, have control over the beings that move and that don’t move, you have already done that.

O Dashanan (she meant that you might be having ten heads to consume and relish) but the saintly people say that in their old age even the kings (who have a lot to enjoy by way of material pleasures) should leave for the forest (as day by day enjoyment becomes difficult and it even tires). O my provider, go there and worship and remember the one who is responsible for our birth on earth, provides means to live and lastly also causes our death (she meant that Ravan might think himself as her provider but can’t claim to have given birth or to cause death).

“He as Raghuveer Shri Ram is most inclined to love and help the seekers of refuge under Him hence leave all your attachments and seek His shelter by remembering Him. For whom the great Munis strive hard, for whom the kings chose to become recluse and quit mundane interests, that Raghuraj Shri Ram is the same one and has come thus far only for showering His kindness on you. If you, my dearest one, would listen to my humble advice,i am sure your good name will spread in all three spheres as for the pious and praiseworthy should.”

Speaking so, now with eyes wet and bodily shaking, Mandodari grabbed Ravan’s feet and lastly said, “O lord, cherish and worship Raghunath Shri Ram, the Lord, so that my good fortune of having my husband outliving me becomes a certainty.”

(Here we should appreciate that Mandodari (literally meaning one with small stomach) had little hunger i e needed little for gratification of sense organs while Ravan had big hunger hence had ten mouths to eat i e had immense urges to satisfy. Mandodari could therefore easily identify the divinity of Shri Ram and know Him as the Lord Supreme while Ravan though logical yet could not have the similar view about Shri Ram. A calm mind can see the presence of Lord, an agitated mind can not. Also Mandodari deployed the perfect technique to make her benevolent advice go across to the person needing it but Ravan being mired in pursuit of pleasure could not receive it.)

We have now overed up to Doha 7 of Lanka Kand.

Bhavani Shankar Ki Jai!
Shri Jankivallabho Vijaytey!
Pawansut Hanuman Ki Jai!
Sant Samaj ko Pranam!
Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!

Krishna Khandelwal


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