Ramcharit Charcha DCXXXVIII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram jai Ram jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

परिहरि बयरु देहु बैदेही। भजहु कृपानिधि परम सनेही।।
ताके बचन बान सम लागे। करिआ मुह करि जाहि अभागे।।
बूढ़ भएसि न त मरतेउँ तोही। अब जनि नयन देखावसि मोही।।
तेहि अपने मन अस अनुमाना। बध्यो चहत एहि कृपानिधाना।।
सो उठि गयउ कहत दुर्बादा। तब सकोप बोलेउ घननादा।।
कौतुक प्रात देखिअहु मोरा। करिहउँ बहुत कहौं का थोरा।।
सुनि सुत बचन भरोसा आवा। प्रीति समेत अंक बैठावा।।
करत बिचार भयउ भिनुसारा। लागे कपि पुनि चहूँ दुआरा।।
कोपि कपिन्ह दुर्घट गढ़ु घेरा। नगर कोलाहलु भयउ घनेरा।।
बिबिधायुध धर निसिचर धाए। गढ़ ते पर्बत सिखर ढहाए।।

We covered up to Doha 48 of Lanka Kand in Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas in the last post and this is further to it.

Malyavant concluded by saying to Ravan, “Now shun animosity towards Ram and unite Vaidehi back with Shri Ram and devote yourself in worship of the Merciful Lord who is most lovable and is most sincere in loving back.”

Ravan felt the words of Malyavant like piercing arrows and retorted, “O Luckless One, blacken your face and go away. you are now old otherwise I would have killed you; make sure that you don’t ever show me your face.”

Malyavant thought that its now certain that the Gracious Lord wants to eliminate the rogue fellow and therefore left the scene mouthing bad words for Ravan. At this stage Meghnad, the son of Ravan angrily declared, “you will now see the miracles that i am going to perform tomorrow morning; it would be so wondrous that i better not speak about it beforehand.”

The words of the son somewhat placated Ravan and he affectionately pulled him to sit in his lap. Till the break of the day all of them kept reflecting on and mulling over the situation. The armies of monkeys once again flocked near the four gates of the fort by this time; they displayed their anger and seized the fort. This made the town badly uproarious. the demons also rushed to attack duly armed with various kinds of weapons; they also began to roll down big boulders from above.

छं0-ढाहे महीधर सिखर कोटिन्ह बिबिध बिधि गोला चले।
घहरात जिमि पबिपात गर्जत जनु प्रलय के बादले।।
मर्कट बिकट भट जुटत कटत न लटत तन जर्जर भए।
गहि सैल तेहि गढ़ पर चलावहिं जहँ सो तहँ निसिचर हए।।
दो0-मेघनाद सुनि श्रवन अस गढ़ु पुनि छेंका आइ।
उतर्यो बीर दुर्ग तें सन्मुख चल्यो बजाइ।।49।।

Hurling big pieces picked from mountain tops and bombing profusely in innumerable ways, the yelling demons presented a scene that resembled the sky full with thunderous booms and resounding noise of the clouds that may consume the universe. Violent and bold monkey warriors combated with their counterparts; though their bodies got wounded and battered yet they did not display weakness. Picking the mountain pieces they hurled them back at the fort and in this process where ever they dropped they killed demons.

When Meghnad learned of this repeated assault by monkeys on the fort, he emerged from the fort to confront them directly.

We have now covered up to Doha 49 of Lanka Kand.
कहँ कोसलाधीस द्वौ भ्राता। धन्वी सकल लोक बिख्याता।।
कहँ नल नील दुबिद सुग्रीवा। अंगद हनूमंत बल सींवा।।
कहाँ बिभीषनु भ्राताद्रोही। आजु सबहि हठि मारउँ ओही।।
अस कहि कठिन बान संधाने। अतिसय क्रोध श्रवन लगि ताने।।
सर समुह सो छाड़ै लागा। जनु सपच्छ धावहिं बहु नागा।।
जहँ तहँ परत देखिअहिं बानर। सन्मुख होइ न सके तेहि अवसर।।
जहँ तहँ भागि चले कपि रीछा। बिसरी सबहि जुद्ध कै ईछा।।
सो कपि भालु न रन महँ देखा। कीन्हेसि जेहि न प्रान अवसेषा।।
दो0-दस दस सर सब मारेसि परे भूमि कपि बीर।
सिंहनाद करि गर्जा मेघनाद बल धीर।।50।।

Meghnad called out, “where are the two brothers, the lords of Kaushala who are world renowned archers; where are Nal, Neel, Dwivid and Sugreev, where are the bravest Angad and Hanuman.  Where is the traitor Vibhishan who rebelled against his own brother. I am hell bent on killing them all today.” saying thus Meghnad aimed many potentially damaging arrows and pulled the string of his bow up to his ear and dispatched a volley of arrows each time. These arrows looked like serpents with wings racing forth. Now the monkeys could be seen falling here and there and none could summon courage to face them. The bears and monkeys ran helter skelter and all now had their will to fight diminished. There was not one bear or monkey who could be seen with life left in him.

Meghnad, a patient and brave fighter, hit with ten-ten arrows each one of the brave monkey fighters and felled them on ground and roared like a lion.

(Meghnad had defeated Indra and Indra is supposed to be ruling deity of the mind, mind is the controller of the ten organs, for sensing and performing, of beings; hitting with ten arrows means that all senses feeding the mind were numbed by Meghnad and the mind became powerless, with mind gone the determination to fight disappeared. Senses controlled by mind may help in spiritual progress but if destroyed, they are no more conducive to it.)

we have now covered up to Doha 50 of Lanka Kand.


Bhavani Shankar Ki jai!

Shri jankivallabho Vijayatey!

Pawansut hanuman Ki jai!

Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!

Goswami Tulsidas Ki Jai!



Krsihna Khandelwal




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