Ramcharit Charcha DCXL

II Shree Guruvey Namah II


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

छतज नयन उर बाहु बिसाला। हिमगिरि निभ तनु कछु एक लाला।।
इहाँ दसानन सुभट पठाए। नाना अस्त्र सस्त्र गहि धाए।।
भूधर नख बिटपायुध धारी। धाए कपि जय राम पुकारी।।
भिरे सकल जोरिहि सन जोरी। इत उत जय इच्छा नहिं थोरी।।
मुठिकन्ह लातन्ह दातन्ह काटहिं। कपि जयसील मारि पुनि डाटहिं।।
मारु मारु धरु धरु धरु मारू। सीस तोरि गहि भुजा उपारू।।
असि रव पूरि रही नव खंडा। धावहिं जहँ तहँ रुंड प्रचंडा।।
देखहिं कौतुक नभ सुर बृंदा। कबहुँक बिसमय कबहुँ अनंदा।।
दो0-रुधिर गाड़ भरि भरि जम्यो ऊपर धूरि उड़ाइ।
जनु अँगार रासिन्ह पर मृतक धूम रह्यो छाइ।।53।।

Lakshman, broad chested and having long arms, had his eyes become red due to anger and looked as white as snow clad Himalaya tinged with some crimson hue under evening sun. Ten-headed Ravan also sent warriors equipped with variety of arms while from the other side the monkeys had mountain rocks, uprooted trees and their nails to fight with; they charged ahead shouting ‘victory to Ram’. All then engaged in fight with their equals on opposite side, absolutely determined to win. Hurting with arms and legs and biting with teeth, the monkeys had an edge and were uproarious. Sounds of ‘kill, kill, catch, hold, seize, hit, break head and tear off arm etc’ were ranting the atmosphere in all nine sections of the world and gory headless bodies ran through the field aimlessly. The gods from above watched this with anxiously, at times with pleasure and other times mystified.

Thick layer of blood was formed over the ground and the flying dust covered it; it resembled the sight of dead bodies burning on raging fire while the smoke clouded it.

This covers up to Doha 53 of Lanka Kand.
घायल बीर बिराजहिं कैसे। कुसुमित किंसुक के तरु जैसे।।
लछिमन मेघनाद द्वौ जोधा। भिरहिं परसपर करि अति क्रोधा।।
एकहि एक सकइ नहिं जीती। निसिचर छल बल करइ अनीती।।
क्रोधवंत तब भयउ अनंता। भंजेउ रथ सारथी तुरंता।।
नाना बिधि प्रहार कर सेषा। राच्छस भयउ प्रान अवसेषा।।
रावन सुत निज मन अनुमाना। संकठ भयउ हरिहि मम प्राना।।
बीरघातिनी छाड़िसि साँगी। तेज पुंज लछिमन उर लागी।।
मुरुछा भई सक्ति के लागें। तब चलि गयउ निकट भय त्यागें।।
दो0-मेघनाद सम कोटि सत जोधा रहे उठाइ।
जगदाधार सेष किमि उठै चले खिसिआइ।।54।।

The wounded soldiers sitting helplessly looked like Kimsuk trees with crimson flowers. The two fiery warriors, Lakshman and Meghnad, confronted each other furiously; none was able to over-power the other. The demon deployed cunning and unethical means which made Lakshman, the avatar of Anant (meaning without an end i e Sheshnaag), very angry and he killed charioteer and the chariot of Meghnad with alacrity. Lakshman, the Sheshnag, knocked Meghnad in many ways leaving the demon short of lifelessness. Meghnad, the son of Ravan, thought that it was a moment of grave crisis and Lakshman could very well end his life now. Meghnad, as last resort, used his mace which was empowered to kill any sort of brave fighter and this brilliant object struck at the heart region of Lakshman. Hit by this powerful divine instrument Lakshman became unconscious and now Meghnad could reach near him without any fear.

Meghnad, accompanied by many many soldiers as strong as himself, tried to lift the body of Lakshman but how could Lakshman, the very base and support to the entire world as Shesha, be moved or lifted hence Meghnad left the scene ashamed of his incapacity in this regard.

(It is symbolically told here that Meghnad who had won over Indra, the lord of mind which is supposed to be top one of the Indriyas i e senses and rules over all senses, was not able to defeat Lakshman known to be absolutely dispassionate and the most dear servant of the Almighty Lord. The mind of someone totally dispassionate and a devotee of the Supreme Lord remains unmoved by any tendency that has immense force and power to distract however it may get stunned or be unable to consciously counter the impact of devious tendencies for a while. Other then such a one, all succumb to the pressures of circumstances and lure of the thunderous likes and dislikes represented by Meghnad. The society is kept stable by people of such resolve as Lakshman had regarding dispassion i e selflessness.)

We have now covered up to Doha 54 of Lanka Kand.


Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!

Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!

Pawansut Hanuman Ki Jai!

Sant Samaj Ko Pranam!

Goswami tulsidas Ki Jai!



Krishna Khandelwal


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