Ramharit Charcha DCXLV

II Shree Guruvey namah LL


Jai Shri Ram,


II Sri Ram jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

II Sri Ram jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

हरषि राम भेंटेउ हनुमाना। अति कृतग्य प्रभु परम सुजाना।।
तुरत बैद तब कीन्ह उपाई। उठि बैठे लछिमन हरषाई।।
हृदयँ लाइ प्रभु भेंटेउ भ्राता। हरषे सकल भालु कपि ब्राता।।
कपि पुनि बैद तहाँ पहुँचावा। जेहि बिधि तबहिं ताहि लइ आवा।।
यह बृत्तांत दसानन सुनेऊ। अति बिषअद पुनि पुनि सिर धुनेऊ।।
ब्याकुल कुंभकरन पहिं आवा। बिबिध जतन करि ताहि जगावा।।
जागा निसिचर देखिअ कैसा। मानहुँ कालु देह धरि बैसा।।
कुंभकरन बूझा कहु भाई। काहे तव मुख रहे सुखाई।।
कथा कही सब तेहिं अभिमानी। जेहि प्रकार सीता हरि आनी।।
तात कपिन्ह सब निसिचर मारे। महामहा जोधा संघारे।।
दुर्मुख सुररिपु मनुज अहारी। भट अतिकाय अकंपन भारी।।
अपर महोदर आदिक बीरा। परे समर महि सब रनधीरा।।
दो0-सुनि दसकंधर बचन तब कुंभकरन बिलखान।
जगदंबा हरि आनि अब सठ चाहत कल्यान।।62।।

Shri Ram who is always very grateful to everyone serving Him though also always in possession of all knowledge as to what is next, met Hanuman with great happiness up on his arrival. The Vaidya (Doctor) in attendance promptly treated Lakshman with help of medicines brought by Hanuman and Lakshman got up instantly quite relaxed and happy responding to treatment. Shri Ram then embraced Lakshman and the entire body of monkeys and bears also rejoiced seeing Lakshman regain health. In the mean time Hanuman took back and settled the Vaidya in his home from where he had brought him (it is never right to be ungrateful and negligent towards someone who helps in crisis). When Ravan learnt of the whole episode in the morning, he only could beat his head time and again in desperation (but did not punish the Vaidya for an expert Doctor can never be challenged for treating a patient even by demons like Ravan).

Ravan, very upset and dazed, rushed to see brother Kumbhakaran who was sleeping (as per his practice of sleeping for six months then wake up for a day for feeding himself) and could only wake him up deploying variety of tricks. Kumbharan looked like embodied Kaal (the dark complexioned god of death) in his waking state and he asked Ravan, “O Brother, tell whats the matter; why is your face totally drained of shine and color. Ravan who remains always in an arrogant mood told all the story involving abduction of Sita by himself. Ravan added further, ” Taat, the monkeys have killed all demons, the great warriors on our side have also been slain namely Durmukh (bad-mouthed), Sur-ripu (enemy of gods) and Manuj-Ahari (man-eater). The stalwart fighters like Atikaay (big-bodied), and big weight Akampan (non-shaking) besides brave ones like Mahodar (big-stomach) who all were very resilient and patient in the battle field are now lying dead on earth.”

This information of total annihilation of demons coming from his ten-shouldered brother made Kumbhkaran wail and cry badly and he later scolded Ravan saying, ” O Dumb, you have abducted Jadamba (the mother of the world) Sita and are now looking for your salvation and welfare (Kumbhakar here displayed some wisdom though he was Tamasik by nature because of being dull and pleasure seekers but not unthinking; the Rajasik become totally blind to reality and remain goal-oriented, right or wrong, like Ravan was due to fickleness and as well as stubbornness in nature).”

We have now covered up to Doha 62 of Lanka Kand.
भल न कीन्ह तैं निसिचर नाहा। अब मोहि आइ जगाएहि काहा।।
अजहूँ तात त्यागि अभिमाना। भजहु राम होइहि कल्याना।।
हैं दससीस मनुज रघुनायक। जाके हनूमान से पायक।।
अहह बंधु तैं कीन्हि खोटाई। प्रथमहिं मोहि न सुनाएहि आई।।
कीन्हेहु प्रभू बिरोध तेहि देवक। सिव बिरंचि सुर जाके सेवक।।
नारद मुनि मोहि ग्यान जो कहा। कहतेउँ तोहि समय निरबहा।।
अब भरि अंक भेंटु मोहि भाई। लोचन सूफल करौ मैं जाई।।
स्याम गात सरसीरुह लोचन। देखौं जाइ ताप त्रय मोचन।।
दो0-राम रूप गुन सुमिरत मगन भयउ छन एक।
रावन मागेउ कोटि घट मद अरु महिष अनेक।।63।।

Kumbhakaran also said, “O Demon King, you did not do the right thing, what is purpose now to wake me up. I suggest that you better drop your arrogance and false pride and begin to worship and remember Lord Ram which only will bring about good times and welfare. Do you think O Ten-headed One, that Raghunayak Shri Ram just is someone born as human while you very well know that his errand boys are like Hanuman himself. Ahh Brother, you committed absurdly foolish and ugly act and did not consult me earlier about action. You invited confrontation with a divine entity like Shri Ram who has gods like Lord Shiv (whom Ravan worshiped), Lord Brahma (whom Kumbhkaran worshiped) and other gods always engaged in His own service.

“What specific knowledge Muni Narad had passed on to me, I would have passed to you but now the time has gone for it to put to use. Now just come and take me in arms and embrace me solidly O My Brother and allow me to go to make my eyes have benefit of His ‘darshan’ (glimpse and view). His body is of swarthy complexion and His eyes are lotus-like, its my sole desire to see and meet the one who can steal the heat of three kinds (Daihik, the heat or afflictions of the body, Daivik, the heat i e discomfort on account of providence or fate and Bhautik, the heat i e discomfort generated by the atmospheric conditions).”

Kumbhakaran became totally lost and absorbed in thoughts of Ram’s beauty and virtues for a moment at which point Ravan asked for an unlimited supply of urns of wine and meat of buffaloes (which are the kind of foods that will place back person in to stupor and stop him from thinking rationally and spiritually)


Bhavani Shankar ki Jai!

Shri Jankivallabho Vijayatey!

Pawansut Hanuman Ki Jai!

Sant Samaj ko Pranam!

Goswami tulsidas Ki jai!



Krishna Khandelwal


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