My name is Krishna Khandelwal. I was born in Rampur(U.P.) and have Master’s degree in Economics. I have interest in Urdu Shayari and Hindi Kavita. This site is devoted to my own poetry in Urdu/Hindi. I also intend to bring here some good pieces of works by other renowned poets as of also of others which appeal to me as impregnated with value. I can be reached at krsnakhandelwal@yahoo.com .To give you more of glimpse into my back ground, I would like you to tell that I have spent almost an equal period of my 60+ yrs life in towns mentioned below:

Rampur (Ruhelkhand,U.P.)
Hathras (Brij,U.P.)
Kanpur (Doaab, U.P.)
Lucknow (Avadh,U.P.)
Satna (Bahgelkhand,M.P.)
Mumbai (Andheri-West)
Ahmedabad (living presently).

I am also giving a detailed explanation of Ramcharit Manas of Goswami Tulsidas under category ‘Ramcharit Charcha’, i know that no body can cover all the aspects that this great work of Tulsidas has to convey and that Shri Ram’s Charit has innumerable dimensions but I have taken this liberty because every one must say what he understands without restrictions as this is what has been sanctioned by Goswami Tulsidas himself. It provides for satisfaction of one who talks with reference to Ram Katha and also gives an opportunity for a learner to have yet another point of view of looking at Ram Katha. Every exponent should however keep in mind that Shri Ram is the avatar of same unseen, unknown, formless, Supreme Lord of Universe and who is source and substance of all that is known as Sat (essence), Chit (conscience and knowledge) and Anand (bliss) and never try to see Him in another light. Ram as avatar however respected the limitations of humans while doing His Leelas without apparent display of His divine prowess yet upholding the Dharma at all times. This leaves scope for the ordinary people to follow Him and observe Dharma in times of challenges in life.

My other blog (krsnakhandelwal.wordpress.com) is related to advice regarding investment in Indian stocks.

Krishna Khandelwal


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