Ramcharit Charcha VII

II Shree Guruvey Namah II

Jai Sri Ram,

II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II
II Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram II

I now go ahead after the narrative in my post ‘Ramcharit Charcha IV’ . I hope the intervening posts may have given you an idea about the spiritual aspects of Ram Katha and I now take the journey forward as Tulsi said it but within my capacity of understanding.

The study of Ram Katha gives an immediate benefit as much as a crow  becomes like a cuckoo i e one who speaks harshly will become a soft speaker. This should not make one wonder as the company of greats imparts some of the greatness into the one who keeps company. Rishi Valmiki was a dacoit and he became a great poet after getting in touch with Narad Muni , a divine sage.  All wisdom, name, success and noble character are begotten by just one thing that is company of saintly/honest people because only they are the ones who have only the interest of others at heart and will not show a wrong path ever. In worldly as well as in spiritual journeys this a must thing. Its also true that getting such opportunities is the result of Ram Kripa i e Lord’s grace.

Aso true is that people of basically good qualities may fall into wrong company but somehow they still keep the goodness intact . The company of saints/noblemen generates pleasurable feelings and auspicious moorings which are the achievable goals in ones life. The diehard fools also shed their foolishness over time with such people. Tulsi doesn’t claim that all could be said explaining the virtues of this one thing, he knows rather in humility says that his capacity is as limited as that of a vegetable vendor to speak of the qualities of precious gems.  Tulsi believes that saintly people help indiscriminately all people, good or evil, like anybody who holds fragrant flowers will have his both hands scented equally.

Valueing all this  Tulsi seeks blessing from such good people who can give strength and direction to have devotion towards Ram’s feet ( i e Charan, in Hindi it also means the path taken, principles adopted and conduct, so therefore the devotee in a way commits to follow the Lord in these ways as Lord Ram in his life has done nothing that in any way is against the ‘dharma’ i e the righteous path) . Those who aspire for salvation have to begin by keeping his conduct as much pure as he can without flinching.

Tulsi has attempted to show a gradual path for the seekers and every bit of the advice given by him should be understood well. This way all that is going to come will be more easily understandable and the practice will fructify for sure.

This covers up to the Doha 3 (1-2) of Bal Kand. I request all who happen to read a this to let me know what I should be taking care of to make it useful for the interested people.

The original text from Manas of Tulsi is given below for singing loudly:

मज्जन फल पेखिअ ततकाला। काक होहिं पिक बकउ मराला।।
सुनि आचरज करै जनि कोई। सतसंगति महिमा नहिं गोई।।
बालमीक नारद घटजोनी। निज निज मुखनि कही निज होनी।।
जलचर थलचर नभचर नाना। जे जड़ चेतन जीव जहाना।।
मति कीरति गति भूति भलाई। जब जेहिं जतन जहाँ जेहिं पाई।।
सो जानब सतसंग प्रभाऊ। लोकहुँ बेद न आन उपाऊ।।
बिनु सतसंग बिबेक न होई। राम कृपा बिनु सुलभ न सोई।।
सतसंगत मुद मंगल मूला। सोइ फल सिधि सब साधन फूला।।
सठ सुधरहिं सतसंगति पाई। पारस परस कुधात सुहाई।।
बिधि बस सुजन कुसंगत परहीं। फनि मनि सम निज गुन अनुसरहीं।।
बिधि हरि हर कबि कोबिद बानी। कहत साधु महिमा सकुचानी।।
सो मो सन कहि जात न कैसें। साक बनिक मनि गुन गन जैसें।।
दो0-बंदउँ संत समान चित हित अनहित नहिं कोइ।
अंजलि गत सुभ सुमन जिमि सम सुगंध कर दोइ।।3(क)।।
संत सरल चित जगत हित जानि सुभाउ सनेहु।
बालबिनय सुनि करि कृपा राम चरन रति देहु।।3(ख)।।


Krishna Khandelwal


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